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Title: Disgusting
Post by: Craig on May 06, 2006, 05:01:37 PM
I do not care for your website. You are trying to break down scriptural
priniples cause you don't like to follow them. Making the Bible fit what
you want to believe so you can act however you want. It's WRONG. I saw your website as a google ad and it is disgusting. I wish such things were
removed from the web. Your just acting upon your wishes and whims to make the Bible say anything you want it to say. I can't stand to read anymore of such crooked garbage.


Dear Paul:  Truly the Word of God is a two-edged Sword that will cut to ribbons all those who oppose it. I understand why you despise the Word of God--you are a bloody mess.

God be with you,

Title: Disgusting
Post by: Craig on May 06, 2006, 09:23:14 PM
Dear Sir,

First, I wanted to apoligize for the way I spoke this morning. It was wrong
and I should have approached it differently and acted in a Christian way
about it. Secondly, I do not oppose the Word of God. I am Christian and
try to follow the word as I see it telling us. Moving commas around and
other things of the sort I do not feel are right. If God had wanted to say
something different, he wouldn't have let them translate the way they did.
I am not saying you are not a Christian or anything of the sort, but please
be careful how you translate the word of God. It is a precious book and the
things in it are not to be taken lightly. May the Lord bless you as you
seek to follow his ways.

In Christ,