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Title: Luke 1:33
Post by: Craig on March 23, 2008, 10:07:25 PM
> Mr. Smith,
> I wanted to thank you for your response. The letter to Mr. Hagee
> was overwhelmingly helpful and although I am sure he failed to
> respond, it is entertaining to think about what may have crossed his
> mind while reading your letter. Anyways, I have recently found
> myself struggling to be able to properly explain Luke 1:33 and 1
> Corinthians 15 where Jesus will reign "until." I understand that
> reference to "forever" is supposed to be of the ages, but is His
> kingdom going to be subjected unto God the Father? If so, how does
> His kingdom never end? If you could help me better understand this I
> would greatly appreciate it. Once again I am grateful for your time
> and wisdom. Grace and peace to you and yours. Matt

        Dear Matt:  You must learn to read the Scriptures more closely. Luke 1:33
        does NOT say that Jesus'  "reign" shall never end.  It is the things "OF His
        kingdom" that shall never end. The things pertaining TO or OF the Kingdom.
        The things accomplished in, by, and through His reign will "never end."
        God be with you,