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Title: Lonely Man
Post by: Craig on April 15, 2008, 09:16:39 PM
Dear Ray,
I have read the site bible-truths and I must say I do agree with in every way and this started just yesterday(09/04/2008). I am a christian but I was taught the teachings of the existence of hell and so forth. I told my mother about this site because she is the greatest woman I know and I know that she studies the bible pretty much, there for she can tell if this is the truth. I usually go to her and only her with questions that I have.
The problem now is what do I do now when my mother told me that this is a lie but I believe it so to be the whole truth, what do I do now?
with kind regards Herman.
ps: I can understand if you could not reply, I understand the much work you have before you and that it can get troublesome sometimes. Any way thank you.

Dear Herman: Very very religious people. Very righteous sounding people. People who pray a lot. People who claim to understand the Word of God. People who attend church flawlessly. Etc., etc., etc. Usually have no interest in the Truths of God WHATSOEVER!  Only God can open the human mind and spirit up to His Truths.
God be with you,