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Title: TV
Post by: Craig on May 13, 2006, 10:59:19 AM

The truth is a powerful instrument of change. My wife and I are grateful to you for destroying our delusions.

I was hoping that you might have some audio files that your readers might be able to listen to your words? Have you been a guest on any radio talk shows that I might download?

Blessings in Christ,


Dear Timothy:

No, I haven't been on any radio or TV talk shows.  A producer from CNN News in Atlanta contacted me a few months ago and asked me to do a live Sunday morning show on "Christian Tithing."  They read my tithing paper and wanted to see if the anyone could defend the Christian tithing doctrine against it. They wanted a "big" recognizable name in theology--I recommended Atlanta's own Creflo D$LLAR. Several agreed to come on their show to discuss Christian Tithing until they were told they would have to face me--I was told they all then changed their minds and remembered they had something else to do. I don't know if it will ever come around again. I would do something like that, but I will not debate a theology one on one.  I might just as well try to catch snakes in the briar patch. Just read what is on our site. It will keep you busy for a few years.

God be with you,