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Title: Infinite?
Post by: Craig on July 28, 2008, 08:54:29 AM
Dear Lemuel: I will make a few COMMENTS... in your email:


    this is lemuel...

    is ETERNAL similar to INFINITE TIME?

    COMMENT:  Yes, I think so if by "eternal" you mean infinite time in the past and infinite time in the future. Don't confuse "eternal" with "everlasting."  I used to believe (because dictionaries and theologians said so) that eternity does not involve time of any kind, but I am having second thoughts about that now.

    I believe Eternal is real, because Infinite exist. The universe is infinite. No one could measure the diameter or circumference of the universe.

    COMMENT:  I am sure that God knows exactly high big His universe is.

    do you have an idea how big the universe is?

    COMMENT:  Astronomers and astro-physicists believe that the universe is between 13 and 16 billion light years (some would say between 10 and 20 billions light years). A light year is just under 6,000,000,000,000 (that's trillion miles X 10 or 12 billion).

    for example, if you will ride in a space shuttle that has an "infinite" source of fuel and you travel straightly in the universe, in one direction, towards whatever direction you wish, as if traveling in a straight line................ will you bump to a wall? and if there is a huge wall, what is next behind it?

    COMMENT:  But according to Einstein, it is not possible to "travel in a straight line," seeing that light, space, and time bend. It appears that when God created the universe, it started at a central location (similar to the Big Bang theory), and spread out.  Time and space apparently is created and expanded on the "edge" to to accommodate the the expanding creation.  I know:  it's a little over my head too.

    God be with you,