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Title: Tithing
Post by: Craig on August 04, 2008, 08:19:36 AM
Dear Ray
I had breakfast with my pastor the other morning before work.  I quizzed him about why he teaches tithing as a binding law for New Testament Christians, expecting him not to be aware of the wonderful truths presented on your site - but boy was I wrong.  He said (angry gaze) ' I know its not right to preach it as a binding law, but, God gave tithing to us to teach us how to give - without it no one would give - its a law that leads us into higher truths and enduring generosity"  !!!  He knows exactly what its all about but blatantly teaches this heresy.  I asked him if sacrificing animals was intended to teach us something also - "no, that was done away with."
Keep up the fight Ray and may God bless your ministry abundantly,