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Title: Sick
Post by: Craig on May 18, 2006, 06:38:51 PM
Believe me i will not be offended to not get a reply.  You are deceiving people on this tithe issue.  Do you think that we tithe for Gods benefit or for mans benefit????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD HAS US TO TITHE SO THAT HE CAN BLESS US ABUNDENTLY AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS TEACHING PEOPLE TO NOT GET THE BLESSINGS THAT GOD GIVES TO US IF WE OBEY HIM AND HIS WORD.  YOU MAKE ME SICK

No, Nameless, God's Word "MAKES YOU SICK!"  You despise the Word of God and you despise anyone who teaches the Word of God.  My tithing paper is Scriptural and you can't disprove one word of it. The Church's tithing doctrine is a "damnable heresy" which is hurting and deceiving millions.