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Title: Thank You
Post by: Craig on May 21, 2006, 09:13:39 PM
Thank you so much, for all your work, patience, and tenacity. You had previously answered 2 short emails of mine generic as they were, and I am so grateful. God is good. Who knew, praise the Lord, save for those He would choose. Thank you Lord. Thank you Mr. Smith for your diligence.

Bible study will never be the same around here. And my faith has never been stronger. It is, kind of funny, how truth in light of the Scriptures is revealed and undeniable. A quick example was our last Bible study when our fearless leader told us that Jesus spoke more about hell than He did Heaven, something I have heard many times on TBN. I said, really? Lets just look that up with the Swordseacher and Esword I have right here on the computer. The confusion for him was overwhelming.

I hope to meet you some day. Thank you.