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Title: Women Preachers
Post by: Craig on June 05, 2006, 03:39:03 PM
Dear Ray,
   I grew up thinking that women can preach and pastor a church. That is what I learned from family and from church. Then one day somebody told me that women should not preach. And others said "that was a for back then, because women were uneducated. So I studied scripture and found out that it is talked about 3 times in the new testement, saying that women should not preach and should learn in silence, under the authority of the husbands/man. I wanted to know if you can clear this up for me. Because I have been trying to convince others and have not be that succesful.

Dear Ryan:
There isn't much to clear up, as the Scriptures are fairly clear on this subject, and you have read them for yourself.  As for women not being educated, it seems like a rather absurd thing to say.  I wouldn't want to suggest that around my wife.  There were highly educated women back in Israel.  Let people believe what they want to believe. Only God's Spirit can open their minds.
God be with you,