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 on: March 28, 2020, 04:13:34 AM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Heidi
Better to be safe than sorry Dennis.  We also have to wear gloves and masks delivering mail.  Glad to see its universal 😁

 on: March 28, 2020, 02:07:54 AM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by indianabob
Hi Dennis,
Since as you say it gets hot and humid in your area why does that reduce risk?
These virus seem to thrive in the human body which is 98 degrees and quite humid in the lungs.
Any ideas? I would love to know more.

 on: March 27, 2020, 07:55:20 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Dennis Vogel
I had a US Mail delivery today that required I sign for it. I saw the mail truck drive up and started to walk out to meet the mail lady but she stopped me and told me she was signing for me because they are not allowed to have contact with anyone. I put on my gloves and retrieved the letter from my mailbox then sprayed it with disinfectant.

Most likely did not need the gloves or disinfectant but at my age and health problems I have to be extra careful. But I expect this to be mostly over when it gets hot and humid here in the Deep South (about another month).

 on: March 27, 2020, 04:57:03 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Heidi
News from New Zealand.   We are on day 4 of lockdown.  This week I've stepped into new roles of being a teacher, counselor, cleaner, DIY tradesmen, gardener, cook, wife, mother, grandmother etc.  The list goes on! Praise God that I can be this for everyone in our immediate bubble.

Our business is classed as essential services, doing the rural mail run in our area.  However, both my husband and I were told to stay at home because he is over 70 and I have asthma.   

I am grateful that my two daughters can still work for our business.   

My heart goes out to everyone, especially those effected in poor countries who dont have the modern comforts we have.

Rhys, I pray for you and know that God will bring you through this tough trial you are experiencing.  Strength to you my brother in the Lord.

I am grateful for this site and sharing with you all the hope we have in Christ Jesus.  We are the lucky ones that know that God is in control and that we have the peace that surpasses understanding.   Imagine not having that is more terrifying than the Covid-19 virus!

Love in Christ

 on: March 27, 2020, 12:12:44 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by waterfall77
I'm thankful for this web site and all of you. Listening to all your comments gives strength  and comfort.

 on: March 27, 2020, 09:12:12 AM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Porter

All this will pass, and the Lord is preparing a place for every last stinking one of us   Here or there, whether we live or die,, we're with Him.  Let's love one another while we're here.
That's what I'm talking about Dave. My wife has been a bit worried lately because the whole world is telling us to be scared, so I told her about how Jesus comforted those that were crying because their child had died, then Jesus telling them the child was only asleep and not dead, and then commanding her to come alive again. I think telling my wife about that helped. Jesus will make us whole again, not just physically, but especially spiritually.

Covid-19 may be real, but I think it's getting blown way out of proportion. More people die from the common flu (among other illnesses) than they do from this new over hyped virus. The person that modeled the virus and then predicted that the virus would kill 500k people in the UK is now changing his tune to say the new estimate is less than 20k people dead in the UK from covid-19. However, main stream media is still using the old data from the previous model, wonder why.

Don't know how reliable is, but for what it's worth, check this out.

Sadly, the person behind the covid-19 model is already crediting the quarantine efforts to his new less drastic model. This quarantine will set a new precedent for future biological emergencies. 

Just like with the flu, our elderly and those that are immunocompromised are probably more susceptible to this. So as always keep them safe.

BTW, I'm doing ok octoberose, thanks for asking. Lets all remember each other in prayer. God be with us all.

 on: March 27, 2020, 01:37:49 AM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by octoberose
  I was so glad to hear from so many! Don't you just wish in a time like this we could all be together? We would put our arms around Rhys and Tim, and have big dinners and study together and laugh  (while social distancing of course ).  And one day we'll do just that ( without the distancing ).
  This all feels to me like a pestilence we've been told to look out for, and I feel like we will be seeing more of this. 
  I'm trying to make the most of this time.   It's not what I would have wanted, but it does present an opportunity for quiet, for study, for doing the things we need to do at home, for health, for kindness and for thinking of others before ourselves.  I feel unsettled but not unrooted .
 May God continue to be with you all, because the days are getting shorter.  Be well.

 on: March 26, 2020, 01:23:22 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Rolihlahla
Meanwhile in South Africa,the country goes on a lockdown beginning of tomorrow.

Tough times lie ahead as winter is also around the corner.

What will happen will happen according to His.

Peace to you all according to His will.

 on: March 26, 2020, 12:25:01 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by Musterseed
My daughter got laid off yesterday and has only five days to get out of her home so her
landlord can move in .She has a husband who doesn’t work and two seven year old twins.
The government package won’t be available for ten days apparently and she is experiencing
much anxiety as many are. Joblessness abounds. People are panicking, and this virus is spreading
like wildfire. Many are not adhering to the stay at home rules so they have begun arresting people.
I watched in horror as a leading Premier of a big province stated regarding the hoarding of food.
And I quote “ there is a special place in hell for those who do such things” .
After reading again this morning the Origins of eternal punishment, I have a better understanding of Christian
doctrine in the bigger scheme of things . It’s evil and disgusting blasphemy.

From Rays teaching

God has sternly warned in Deut.12:30-31

We at BT are blessed to know that

There is always salvation on the other side of judgement.
God is good and God is wise, and God is powerful and God is Love,
and God is enlarging His family with billions of sons and daughters
who will truly be for the first time in history, purged and purified and
finally molded into the desire of Gods heart from the beginning of time
when He declared “ let us be making humanity ,,,,, in our image.
                                                                                    L Ray Smlth
Come Lord Jesus

In Christ

 on: March 26, 2020, 12:19:52 PM 
Started by octoberose - Last post by HoneyLamb56
It can be overwhelming and my heart goes out to those who are in dire difficulties because of job losses, social isolation and the economy.  Remembering those in prayer who are on the front lines and those that have to work and put themselves at risk.

Reading and rereading Psalm 91 brings me a lot of comfort. 

God is in control and this virus, to me, is a huge test of faith in that we are to rely on Him and trust Him in ALL  cirumstances.  I'm sure these circumstances are really challenging a lot of people in their faith. 

Praying for all saints that we will soon see some light and to hold fast and for His guidance; that our faith not be just lip service.

Rhys, I don't mean to sound glib but time does heal; I lost my husband 2 years ago today and have been in a semi isolation during that time as no close family or friends to visit me on a regular basis; He did give me one great friend who kept in contact with me, long distance, once a week.  Thank God for the faith and friend He gave me as it kept me out of depression even tho it made me do a lot of self reflection of my life/character etc; it also made me speak to Him more often and read His word be it the bible, Ray's material etc.  Rhys that/His strength is in you!! 

May God's blessings be on you all. 


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