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Author Topic: having and not having  (Read 3154 times)

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Dennis Vogel

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having and not having
« on: March 20, 2006, 01:25:28 AM »

Hi Ray

I need to get something clear regarding 2Peter v20-22.

If God is in all and our steps are determined by God I am struggling to understand why God would call someone and then for them to be lost again. What would be the benefit to that person or any one else in this happening especially in light of the 1Peter v3-4



Dear Daryn:

You question is: Why does God call many but only choose a few? Because there is much greater learning to be gained by the way God is doing it.  

We need to thoroughly understand why the many called will not be in the Kingdom of God.  We are to rely completely and totally on God for our salvation. The many called rely on their own blasphemous, free-will sovereignty over God. They believe that they can either make or brake God, all according to how they will exercise their own fabled "free will."  

Those who are in the first resurrection have been totally purged of any such blasphemy.  God determines how deeply He wants His Sons and Daughters to understand these spiritual truths before they are accepted into His Kingdom. Even Paul had no guarantee that he would be saved regardless of how he either obeyed or did not obey until the very end. Yet, "All is of God."

God be with you,

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