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Author Topic: Salvation of all  (Read 4472 times)

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Salvation of all
« on: July 10, 2006, 09:57:36 AM »


Thank you for your quick response.  I misread your statement in your letter to Mr. Hagee and misquoted you.  I am reading much of your website and find it very interesting.  Your desire to be truthful and honest is evident, spiced with some arrogance, sarcasm and ego I might add (which you somewhere described as being rough around the edges).  Aside from my gleanings of your personality, with limited data and without having ever met and spent time with you (therefore extremely biased at this point), please clarify your position on this issue.  The issue being that all humanity is saved by Jesus Christ and resurrected into new spiritual bodies.  At least that is my paraphrasing of what Iíve come to understand in a lot of your writings and please qualify my understanding and correct it where you deem necessary.  ; Having said this please take Philippians 3:17-21 (NIV) and explain the destruction mentioned in verse 19 with regards to the enemies of Christ:  These verses clearly demonstrate to me that some number of people are destined to destruction.  Thank you in advance for your comments on these verses.  I believe I could argue favorably with regards to my position, with the Bible as our standard, that not all will be saved.

Dear Burton:

First the "saved in a spiritual body."

"So also is the resurrection of the DEAD...It is sown a natural body; it is raised a SPIRITUAL BODY..."  (I Cor. 15:42-44).

You are clearly unaware of the fact that "destruction" is overwhelmingly translated from the same word [appolumi] translated, "perish" and "lose."  So whether one is "destroyed" as in the "broad way" or if one should "perish" or be "lost" as the "lost sheep," this by no means speaks of their final destiny.  Even the "righteous perish" (Isa. 57:1). But is that the final destiny of the "righteous?"  I think not.

Being in the state or condition of "appolumi"--perish, lost, or destroyed, is not problem with God seeing that "For the Son of man is come to SAVE THAT WHICH IS APPOLUMI" (Mat. 18:11).

God be with you,


PS  I do not believe that you could argue against the salvation of all for one minute if you were limited to using the Scriptures.

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