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Author Topic: Oil fields are gushing again  (Read 1159 times)

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Oil fields are gushing again
« on: January 06, 2024, 03:47:37 PM »

Hello everyone, I pray you are all well. Iím just recovering from a two week
bout of influenza or Covid. Not really sure what it is. Anyway.
I have just finished listening to Rayís teachings about fossil fuels and how the
earth manufactures its own oil and everything else we need to survive on this
planet . Itís all so amazing. He was talking about an oil company that thought
they had drilled all the oil they could only to find out that the well was replenished.
I just love learning about how God has put wisdom into the earth . Genesis,
let the earth bring forth. I want to listen to all of that again .

And then I see a story in the news thatís very interesting. I canít send you the link
but you can google it. Actually there are few articles from different sources that you can read as it has become part of whatís happening right now regarding the
Climate agenda. I saw Al Gore on TV the other day saying, and Iím paraphrasing
ď we now have the opportunity to control our own destiny ď Did you see it?
And God sits in the heavens and laughs ;D.
Farming the windÖ.. Ha, ha, ha.  We had a big storm on the coastline here and
a wind turbines blades flew off. One comment I read was that the wind was too
strong for the turbine. Hee,hee. This is happening often now everywhere.

Here is where I read the articles.

One in Politico ÖÖThe US is pumping oil faster than everÖÖ.
And one in the NYTÖ.Surging US Production Brings Down Prices and
Raises Climate Fears.

Mods , I hope this is allowed and not political. But Iím inspired to share. Your
thoughts appreciated.

God Bless You All in this journey.
Love in Christ, Pamela.
" No man can come to me,except the Father draw him"
                                   (John 6: 44)


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Re: Oil fields are gushing again
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2024, 12:45:23 AM »

Thatís all pretty great Pamela.  Itís nice to be reminded whoís in charge of His creation!
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