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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4997 times)

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« on: September 26, 2006, 05:31:26 PM »

    > Hello Ray
    > I trust you are well.
    > You may remember me - I asked if I may use some of what you have made
    > available to your readers in the magazine Living Spirit.
    > Initially I was 100% with you on the 'revelation' that tithing is
    > unscriptural but now I have had a revelation of revelations.
    > During a meditation on 'free flow of finance' I was shown in the first
    > instance that all debt is equal. Then after this meditation I turned
    > to the Word to be directed to scripture stating this, 'tithe on gain'.
    > Yes, I thought, that is what I knew now You Lord have confirmed this
    > to me and with a very successful financial year behind me, I know this
    > to be true, I stated. Then a little while after this, something
    > happened. All my income came to a grinding halt. As a self effacing
    > Christian I prayed and was sho wn various things to sort out in my
    > heart, and only too glad was I to do so, but still no income. I began
    > a 10 day fast to make a breakthrough. After 4 days, I heard this,
    > 'tithe on gain' - Yes Lord I said I will - I spoke into the night. As
    > I was still, waiting for something to happen, anything, I had been
    > without an income for almost 6 weeks by then, it was as if the words I
    > had heard, 'tithe on gain' dropped out of the sky and into my heart,
    > where they opened me up and cleansed me of something that I can only
    > describe as demonic. Then I heard Him again, 'tithe on gain' and I got
    > the rhema - here it is.
    > If you receive a loan, this is not gain
    > If the loan generates growth this is gain
    > If you re-mortgage for any reason, the re-mortgage is not gain
    > If the re-mortgage generates growth this is gain
    > If you ha ve a mortgage this is not gain
    > If the mortgage generates growth this is gain
    > If you earn money and use some of this money to pay for the mortgage,
    > or loan, or re-mortgage, this is gain. It is gain as it is adding to
    > the reduction of the loan
    > And so to tithe on all your income is scriptural
    > I hope you are able to receive this rhema on tithing as I have. If you
    > do and you wish to add it to your web sites, please quote the
    > following links - and
    > God bless
    > Julie

    Dear Julie:

    No, I absolutely will not make any such foolish and unscriptural changes to my tithing paper. There is absolutely no Scriptural merit to your new stance on tithing for New Testament believers.  You have literally thrown the baby out with the bath water. Perhaps read again my paper on "Tithing is UNSCRIPTURAL Under the New Covenant," and it matters not one iota how one defines "increase."

    God be with you,

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