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Author Topic: God's Plan  (Read 5692 times)

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God's Plan
« on: October 25, 2006, 12:17:52 PM »

Dear Sean:
I will make some COMMENTS in your email.......................


    > Hi Ray,
    > I am a big fan of your site. You have got it right on i think, so
    > i was wondering your thoughts/opinions on a few things, if you have
    > time to answer.
    > Since God planned everything and is all powerful, all knowing, and all
    > good, would you agree that all the experiences we have in life are
    > absolutely the best things that could possibly happen
    > to us? So that when Hitler commited his terrible sins, somehow, these
    > events occuring were a good thing in the grand scheme of things?

    COMMENT:  Yes.  God's plan is the best possible plan.  Albeit it does
    not always appear as such to us, as we do not as yet have the full mind of God.

    > I have read that we are to become perfect as our father in heaven is
    > perfect. But surely this doesn't mean that we are as good as God at
    > some point? Because then how could we even retain our individual
    > personalities? Because the differences between us are our varying
    > levels of virtuousity and insight into truth, right? I had therefore
    > previously believed that we would never attain perfection, but are
    > always getting closer to the perfection that God has.

  COMMENT:  Personality has little to do with "insight into truth."
 Character has to do with insight into truth.  We will achieve perfection
 as we are God's achievement, not our own (Eph. 2:8-10).

    > Isn't it true that the only reason God will punish anybody is for the
    > purpose of correction? And therfore we should not fear sinning
    > because God would punish us for it, but rather we should avoid sin
    > because in sinning we are not doing the thing that will cause us to be
    > maximally happy/joyful?

    COMMENT: "Punishment" is only used with reference to sinners one
    time in the New Testament (Heb. 10:29).  The 11 beatitudes list 9 ways
    in which we can be made happy (Matt. 5:2-12).  Proverbs lists more.

    > You recently responded to someones question about the verse
    > "Yet Jacob I have loved; But Esau I have hated." by saying
    > "Hate" can mean "to love less by comparison."
    > Just to clarify, God doesn't love some people more than others right?
    > So when God said this, it really just meant he treated Esau worse
    > then Jacob by comparison at the time right?

    COMMENT:  No, it means He treated Jacob better at the time.  Esau
    was, however, also blessed, and all humanity will be eventually blessed
    by the One Seed (Jesus Christ) of Abraham.

    > God has told us we are worth more than many sparrows. Has he told the
    > sparrows this? LOL!

    COMMENT:  Bird do not listen when they are spoken to--they are like cats.

    God be with you,


    > Thanks so much,
    > Sean

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