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Author Topic: Confused  (Read 4185 times)

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« on: December 01, 2006, 12:31:30 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> I came acorss your webiste while trying to find answers on my life long
> questions and to some extent I felt like I have finally found answers.
> However I got confused again after I read some of your material.
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but from what you said my understading is
> God is reponsible for everything and he is the one e who chooses us. If so
> why do you an all of us has to bother about telling the truth to people.
> Also why do you become angry at chrisitians which have different
> understanding than yours. Because it is not them but God who is making them
> the way they are...I am really confused here because it seems like things
> are contradicting here. If God wants them to understand the way you do I am
> sure he would have done so or otherwise.
> I would appreciate if you could give me some insight.
> Thanks and God Bless!

Dear Reader:
Yes, almost every one has this same problem at first.

I do what I do because God wants me to do what I do. God is accomplishing His plan

and His purpose day by day, but He is doing BY THE MEANS THAT YOU SEE AT WORK.

God does not, "MAKE" people sin. They sin voluntarily, from their heart. But it is true that

God is the Creator of this universe and its many trillions of circumstances which dictate every

thought and move we make.  God wants us to be angry with sin, and that is why we get angry

at sin. God wants us to desire to do good, and so that is why those who do good do so.  Those

who know the truth have generally learned it from others whom God has ordained. There are few

of us who have not learned most of what we know regarding spiritual truths from other men. There

is no contradiction.  ALL is of God, yet all appears to be of men and their trillions of daily thoughts,

decisions, actions, etc. They have not a clue.  We do have minds and we do all have a will, but that

mind and will is subject to all of the circumstances and conditions of our environment and human frame.

In the Scriptures a king had a sleepless night and it changed the history of the world.

God be with you,

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