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Author Topic: Marriage  (Read 4472 times)

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« on: December 03, 2006, 01:00:49 PM »

> Dear Ray
> thank you for taking the time to write all those articles. I am fighting
> spiritually for my marriage. Do you have any thoughts on that?
> I am also curious as to whether the Bible forbids homsexuality?
> Am I right in noticing that Jesus healed everybody and never once said no to
> healing anyone or anything?
> I would love to receive an answer from you if you have the time
> GOD bless you today and everyday and continue to shower His abundance on
> you.
> Deirdre

Dear Deirdre:
It is not always possible for just one partner to save a bad marriage. However, here is what you can do. Be the very BEST wife, mother, and friend to your husband and family that you can possibly be. And be that best person all day every day no matter what.  Either your husband will see your good works, and your love, and your kindness, and your generousity, and he will be ashamed for not being an equally good husband, father, and friend, or he might see it as weakness and not respond positively at all. But at least you will know that YOU have done the right thing and the very best that you could do. After that, you will just have to see how things go.  If he cheats on you, or abuses you or the children, or does not provide for you, then you are not required to say with him. We will pray for you.
God be with you,
PS  YES, homosexuality is a sin, just as adultery and child abuse.
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