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Author Topic: Why so hard?  (Read 5951 times)

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Why so hard?
« on: January 19, 2007, 04:44:34 PM »

    Hi Ray,
    My name is Randy. I have no clue what to believe anymore. I'm really trying to find the truth and I've hit so many trees it isn't funny. everytime I think I have the right understanding then pow theres another tree. why is it so hard to find the truth? I was a JW and tithes weren't taken then I found the Living church of God and not many if any followed what they were supposed too, well most thiings like the sabbath and such being on saturday. I would think God would help me out on this. I'm just really tired and confused.
     I have so many different things taught in my head its hard to even think right anymore. I just don't what to say or think anymore. I think if you are true of God then maybe a prayer would help. I really don't know. everything about things I thought I knew was different in your web page I don't even trust my own understanding any longer. I'm going to try and read the web pages again. Also what about gathering together as a commandment? I'm just not sure anymore.
    I really don't think I'll get a reply because of the e-mails you get already but I'm just sooo confused.
    I've read books on America and Great Britin in the worlds stage today and they made since to me but is that wrong also?  I just don't know what to think anymore and really don't think I have the courage to carry on. How can it be so hard to find God?
    I hope he hears me and answers.
    I won't take anymore of you time

    Dear Randy:

    You sound a little bit like every other person who has been forced to come out of Babylon. Maybe we should change our name from "Bible-Truths" to "The Last Resort Religion." Or how about this: "The First Church of Dropouts for Jesus"?

    You wonder why it is so hard to find God?  Well, for one thing, you have been "looking for love in all the wrong places."  You went from the JW's to the Living Church of God. I'm surprised you weren't a member of the Worldwide Church of God--many of us have been, you know? Here's a spiritual truth that might help you: "Howbeit the Most High dwells NOT in temples made with hands" (Acts 7:48).  That will eliminate a lot of looking right there--stay away from church buildings, synagogues, and temples--that's where Satan dwells (Rev. 2:13).

    We're not any different on the outside than the JW's or the Church of God. I'm just a normal guy.  When I walk down the street people don't point and laugh, women don't lust, children don't run, and dogs don't bit me. But inside, I think that we are a good bit different from most. And I think that is maybe what you are really looking for--that difference on the inside. As Dirty Harry once said: "A man (or a woman) has got to know his limitations."  Once God has shown you your limitations, He will find you--you won't have to go looking for Him. Randy, listen to me:  God isn't lost: you don't have to try and find Him.  YOU are the lost one, but God knows where you are.  Don't worry about the "right religion" or the "right doctrines."  If God wants you to read the material on our site, you will  read it--you won't be able to not read the material on our site.  And as you read you will begin to see and under stand things that you never saw or understood before.

    Read my paper at the top of our home page: "YOU FOOLS! YOU HYPOCRITES! YOU FOOLS!"  If it makes sense and you understand it, go to the next one, and the next one....  If they don't make good sense to you, you can always turn to another web site.  There are a couple of hundred million of them dealing with religion and doctrine.  Don't look up "hell," however, because although there are nearly ten millions sites under hell, is the first one, and you'll be right back with us again.

    God be with you,


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Re: Why so hard?
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2007, 01:39:07 PM »

Hi again Ray,
First of all   WOW!!!!
I am blown away. I've started reading with hope of understanding and I can't believe my eyes. Tithing is really not right. when Jesus had a fish bring up the taxes and such and no other Apostle asked for tithes. Some in the church say that selling the houses were also connected to tithes. and the tithe of tithes are to begiven to teh church durning the holy dasys to help pay for the building we used for gathering I really didn't know what it really ment I just followed along.
I am so greatful God is helping me on these scriptures that seem to make more sence then ever before. As my mind was conditioned to other scripture understanding I see the truth in what you've pointed out in the bible but I still have my old thinking saying "hey maybe this and what about that" such as gathering to gether not to forsake it so I still have alot of understand and wrong ideas what the bile says that I have to purge out of my thoughts and understanding.
I've found most who go to church are emty inside  and not really flowing with the spirit of God, but I've always dismissed it as something that I couldn't understand but it was ok.
I have never heard words like this before in so much proven ways.
I'm reading the lake of fire writings you have on your home page and lusifer and light bringer. I've always wondered why God in his perfection would make a creation that was perfect and later would go bad. In my eyes this would make God a incompatant creator. {spelling} but the fact satan was made to makes us become perfect in spirit {not 100% sure i have the understand all correct yet} instead of God being not all seeing and a failer in his creation.
As with the fact also that God would create people to later just destroy them show again he didn't know what he was doing we he made man seemed weird and not right but I didn't know what I've been reading in the last day.
Do you have other writtings not on the home page?
Also when the theif was on the cross by Jesus he wasn't baptizes in water when Jesus said he would be with him. I'm so awed and these new understanding and yes I was looking for something inside people and just never seen it in anyone before.I have to admit I am a little gun shy as it were because I thought I was right in my understanding before so I ask please have patenice with me.
I really hope the is more to read on your writting and believe it when I say I am no fan of reading I hate to read, but I'm looking foward to reading some more.
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