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Author Topic: Armstrong  (Read 4324 times)

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« on: February 08, 2007, 09:50:10 AM »

  Hey, Hey! Ray;
    When I said a lot like Herbert W. Armstrong, I DID NOT mean a LOT.... sorry if I said the wrong thing.
    The first time that I ever heard of there not being a big Bar-B-Q pit was when I heard the world tomorrow on radio back in "72". I have wrestled with that idea sence then.
    Yes, I was one of the people (up till I started reading your web) that believed when you die, you eather go to Heaven or Hell, there was No in between. Do not pass "Go" Do not collect "2 hunderd dollors.  That was it..........................
    Thank you Ray.. Thanks to you I am reading my Bible more and doing a lot more to try to understand why and how people believe this Crap that I was taught in "Church".
               May Yahshua Bless You / Your Brother in Christ
                        Rangerrich.  (Rich)

Dear Rich:
Armstrong taught no different from the whole world of Christendom or even such Churches as Christadelphians and Jehovah's Witnesses.  THEY ALL TEACH THAT GOD WILL NOT SAVE HIS CHILDREN. The only difference is that Christendom teaches that most will burn in hell for all eternity and JW's Armstrong, etc., teach that they will be burned to extinction for all eternity. THEY ARE BOTH TOTALLY WRONG.  I do not teach ANY major doctrines of ANY of these churches, and that is why I have asked dozens and dozens of those who have written me stating that I teach EXACTLY like the JW's, Armstrong, Church of God, Church of Christ, Christadelphians, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, The Way, etc., etc., etc., to give me one such "EXACT" teaching, and to date not one has.
God be with you,
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