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Author Topic: Athiest  (Read 5566 times)

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« on: February 13, 2007, 09:14:43 PM »

Dear Daneil;
I will make a few COMMENTS in your little tirade...........

Mr. Smith
    I have read different stories from cultures that long since pasted, different “bibles”, fables, and the like.  Even sites like yours, dealing with one side to the other.  It is a hobby really, the old and new languages, the old and new stories, to see how stories change and how people change with their beliefs (religious and otherwise).  And I find it amusingly plain that people will always try to find a “handle to get a grip on”.  Most of the time it is in the form of religion, trying to explain thunder,
    COMMENT:  I know of no religion that has for its purpose trying to explain "thunder."
    wind, rain, etc.  Trying to explain the creation of the planet they stand on, to explain where people came from, trying to feel better about dying, etc.
    COMMENT:  And you, you DON'T try to understand creation and the planet you stand on? You do not wish to "feel better about dying, etc.?" Then how is it that you actually came to KNOW that you are an atheist?  You talk like it is only stupid religious people who think about these things?
      And it’s no surprise that the religions share many similarities, seemingly indicating we all have similar fears, and needs.  We are all animals trying to find shelter from the storm with our own pack of fellow animals.
    I gladly admit I am an atheist, and I accept latest theory or proven scientific fact.
    COMMENT:  You obviously do not know what a "proven" scientific fact is.
      This does not mean I blindly believe or whole heartedly attach myself to the latest scientific theory and hold onto it for dear life, but the latest theory should be taught until a better and more accurate theory is developed.  You attack evolution so much so that it seems like a crusade, as if you see it as a personal insult.
    COMMENT: I assuredly do not. I don't even have an article on evolution. I have never written a paper on the subject. I have, in fact just a very few sentences on the subject among my two thousand pages of material.
      There is plenty of evidence for evolution you can find at your local museum of natural history,
    COMMENT:  There is NO EVIDENCE for evolution at your local museum or anywhere else on earth. Here is one little thing that I did write about evolution on my site, and it is by an expert in the field of evolution, not from an expert in the field of religion:

    Colin Patterson, a senior paleontologist at the British Natural History Museum, asked his audience of evolution experts a most telling question. He later posed the same question to the geology staff at the Field Museum of Natural History, and again to The Evolutionary Morphology Seminar at the University of Chicago. All evolution experts. Here was his question:

    "Can you tell me anything you know about evolution, ANY ONE THING. . . that is TRUE?" All he got was silence!

    Now then, Daniell, do YOU know more about  "proven" scientific facts  than Dr. Patterson?  So what "ANY ONE THING" about evolution do you know that he doesn't, and that the WHOLE HALL FULL evolution experts didn't know about evolution, that is TRUE? 

     plenty of fossils attest to the evolution of one species from another.  But you will only see what you want to see.
    COMMENT: No, it is you who see things that aren't there. For two hundred years now, in totally controlled labratory conditions, no scientist has even been able to breech the division of the species, and THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.
    You are no different and certainly no better then the countless people that berate you for what you believe to be a quest to enlighten others.  They attack you for trying to “enlighten” people with your understanding of scripture the way you attack scientists for trying to “enlighten” people with their understanding of nature.
    COMMENT:  You lie. Where have I EVER "attacked scientists for trying to enlighten people with their understanding of nature?" I extole them, just as I have just extolled Dr. Patterson in this email to you.
      You are cut from the same cloth as the people that want to block any new scientific knowledge from schools.  I fear with more people like yourself gravity might be reduced to whispered idea among the halls of a school, whisper by students that fear being punished for diverting from approved thoughts.  You are after all interpreting things written by men, things a human hand wrote with a pen on paper.  These writings might be wondrous and inspiring but still writings of creative men and despite what ever you may say, you can not prove otherwise.
    COMMENT:  I have not tried to prove ANYTHING to you, Daniel, so I don't see where you have a legitimate complaint.
    It is unfortunate that such religious fervor is often so blinding, sometimes it seems like you (like the religious community) need to consume it all while keeping the “my god loves you all” cloth on.  You complain about the exposure evolution gets, but I seldom see scientific discoveries getting the time on most media that a taco with jesus’ face in Mexico does.
    COMMENT:  You are pathetically misinformed. Virtually ALL religious programming by National Geographic and Learning Channel type productions present the Bible from an evolutionary point of view. Most Christians are too ignorant to even see it, just as you are. Virtually all documentary type religious programming that pretends to look for the real truth in the validity of the Scriptures, etc., are atheistic, and that includes most of the statements made by Doctors of Divinity.
      I think a person’s relationship with their god should be a personal thing, not used to influence and fund elections, not used to avoid paying taxes,
    COMMENT:  Well you are getting way over the top now if you think you are speaking to me. I have absolutely nothing to do with politics, and huge amounts of religious money and the like. I assure you that you will not cut me from THAT piece of cloth!!
     not as a weapon to beat someone over the head with, or stop an idea from being expressed.  It all rings of a power structure that people must cling to because they believe that is their survival.
    I know you will find some fault in my email or sight some event and eloquently use it to bolster your side; you are very convinced of your side of things, I can see that very well in your writings.  I know this will not pause you to think while you plow head first in your virtuous cause of defending the one “truth” while assaulting another, but I feel better having said it.
    COMMENT:  Well I am glad that you feel better. So you would prefer that I wrote things about things that I am NOT CONVINCED OF, is that right? Unbelievable.

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