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Author Topic: Liar  (Read 2526 times)

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« on: March 17, 2007, 11:31:47 PM »

Dear Terry:
I will make a few COMMENTS in your ridiculous email............

> It is a total lie to say that God did not give us free will because
> there are scriptures that tell us to choose this day whom you will
> serve.God gave us the ability to choose.
COMMENT:  "Choice" has absolutely nothing to do with the
doctrine of "free will." Computers made billions of choices, and
yet I do not even believe that you would argue that computers
have a "free will." Read my four-part series on "The Myth of
Free Will Exposed" for Scriptural proof that man has no "free" will.

To say otherwise is to diminish
> the the sacrifice Of God's son and making His word of non effect.It is
> true that we can't know God through carnal means but when we make the
> choice to follow Him He meets us halfway.
COMMENT:  Oh really? God "meets us halfway," does He? And do
you have chapter and verse on that bit of unscriptural heresy?

And about hell,Jesus did teach
> about it to warn others to avoid that place at all costs.He said that it
> was better for man to enter heaven maimed and crippled than for your
> whole body thrown into hell.
COMMENT:  Like all major Christian doctrines, these statements are
sheer fantasy. Jesus never said a word about entering "heaven" either
maimed or whole. And Jesus never said a word about "hell" either. The
word He used was "Gehenna," and if you want to know what Gehenna is
be sure to read my upcoming Part D on "Gehenna fire" to begin posting
on our site in a couple of weeks.

At first when I read some of your stuff I
> thought you were intelligent but the more I read the less intelligent I
> find you out to be.You want to take a chance with eternal
> damnation?Don't say you weren't warned.
COMMENT:  I don't "take chances," neither do I believe "in chances."
It is Christendom that has the Las Vegas "chance" mentality of salvation, not I.

You are making the gospel of
> christ of non effect by saying it doesn't matter if we follow him
> because he will automatically forgive everybody.You think God will
> pardon someone that teaches such careless doctrines of devils?
COMMENT:  You would do well to be more carefully about whom you accuse
of teaching "doctrines of devils." I have never, EVER stated, hinted, suggested,
or even THOUGHT the lying, slandering words you accuse me of:  "You are making
the gospel of christ [His Title is 'CHRIST,' not 'christ,' but it does let me know
exactly how much honor and glory you attribute to the Saviour of the World] of
Terry, YOU LIE!  You falsely state that I "say" those things, but you did not quote
me anywhere "saying" such unscriptural, foolish, nonsense. I teach more about
repentance and living a Godly life than anyone I know.  YOU LIE. And unless
you bitterly repent of your slanderous lies, it will be you, Terry, who will be thrown
whole body into the Lake of Fire. "....and ALL LIARS [that's YOU, Terry] shall
have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second
death" (Rev. 21:08).
I'll not waste any more time on your unscriptural foolishness.

I noticed
> how you just put in half truths (a tactic of satan).Like the scripture
> John 12:47 where Jesus said that he hasn't come to judge the world but
> you ommitted the next verse which he said that there is a judge for
> those who reject him that will be condemned in the last day.John
> 12:48.Read it for yourself.It is as plain as day.You appear to be just
> another wolf in sheep's clothing.My godly discernment hasn't failed me
> yet and tells me what spirit you are of.I won't tell you,you figure it
> out.If I'm wrong I'll only suffer an eon.If you are wrong you will
> suffer for all eternity.God hasn't led me this far to be taken by the
> likes of idiots like you.I will not write you anymore because you are a
> lost cause and have sold your soul for a lie.I can see how you treat
> others that you don't have the loving spirit of christ.You are what
> Jesus would call a vile viper. I could care less for a reply because I
> know it'd be just another lie.I don't bid you godspeed because God does
> not bless evil.
> Sincerely,
> Terry
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