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Author Topic: Ray, God blessed me with discernment  (Read 5174 times)

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Ray, God blessed me with discernment
« on: March 19, 2007, 05:10:31 PM »

> You brought up the inconsistency of some translations of scripture that
> condemned the timid to this judgment along with vile people such as
> murderers and sorcerers. You should know that even modern english has
> diverse meanings for a single word.But in the translations I read don't
> say timid,they say coward,which is quite different.This is not talking
> about anyone that is shy or fearful.It is talking about those who fear
> man more than they fear God,that would hide the truth from others for
> their own gain.Also cowardice is used to describe the nature of certain
> criminal acts,such as child molestation where a grown man attacks a
> helpless and defenseless child,or someone shooting another in the
> back.Cowardice also refers to those who do hidden deeds of darkness like
> those involved in hidden agendas or conspiracies .In fact scripture says
> that we are to fear the Lord and work out our salvation through fear and
> trembling.I know a lot of liars say that fear of the Lord is just
> talking about respect,but Paul warned that it is a terrible thing to
> fall in the hands of the living God.I hope that clears that up for
> you.But there does seem to be glaring contradictions throughout the
> bible that even you can't explain to my satisfaction. Such as the godly
> kings of the old testament such as David that had several wives.He was
> never rebuked for polygamy,only adultery, and even then in those days
> adulterers were stoned to death which he wasn't. Even peasants had
> concubines.Yet Jesus said that marriage was between one man and one
> woman (which nullifies gay marriage debate).Jesus says to love enemies
> yet King David cursed his enemies.These are just minor stumbling blocks
> and don't hinder my f aith but still is enough to notice.What really
> bothers me is that if an unbeliever knows of these inconsistencies can
> try to use that as an arguement to invalidate the bible.I believe the
> true bible is inerrant but all most have only fallible translations.This
> even makes it all the more questionable that anyone that claims to be
> educated in greek or hebrew can put their spin on translating the bible
> just as the fallible translations.This is why I thank God that He has
> blessed me with discernment,that at least I can tell if something is of
> God or not.
> Sincerely,
> Terry

    Dear Terry:

    So God has "blessed you with discernment" so that you can tell that what I am teaching is not of God. You state that the Greek word "deilos" translated "fearful" in the King James really  means:

    "This is not talking  about anyone that is shy or fearful.It is talking about those who FEAR MAN more than they fear God,that would HIDE THE TRUTH from others for their own gain. Also COWARDICE is used to describe the nature of certain CRIMINAL ACTS, such as CHILD MOLESTATION where a grown man attacks a helpless and defenseless child,or someone SHOOTING ANOTHER IN THE BACK." (CAPS are mine for emphasis).

    OH REALLY?  Is that what the word "deilos" means and is that how it is used?  Here are the facts:  the word "deilos" is used only one other time in the New Testament where the sea became very stormy and the disciples became very afraid as recorded in, Matt. 8:26 and Mark 4:40. Let's read it:

    "Why are you FEARFUL [Gk: 'deilos'], O ye of little faith?"

    Jesus said that they were "fearful" because they had "little faith." Jesus did NOT say:  "Why are you FEARING MEN; why are you HIDING THE TRUTH FOR YOUR OWN GAIN; why are engaged in these CRIMINAL ACTS;  why are you MOLESTING DEFENSELESS CHILDREN;  why are you SHOOTING OTHER IN THE BACK; O ye of little faith?"

    Is that what you think Jesus really meant to say, Terry? Is that the true meaning of the word "deilos?"  Strong gives three words to define "deilos"--first TIMID, second FAITHLESS, and third FEARFUL. His disciples were fearful because their faith was not strong, but rather 'timid' [lacking confidence].

    Terry, do me a favor:  don't try to teach me anymore, okay? Your emails are wearying me.  I assure you that God has not "blessed you with discernment."

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