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Author Topic: Questions  (Read 4554 times)

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« on: March 19, 2007, 07:16:23 PM »

> Ray,
> I'm reading through all your teachings for a second time so that I can absorb
> it better. I have a few questions.
> Does the word SHEOL in the Hebrew always mean "GRAVE"?
COMMENT:  Although "grave" is an acceptable translation of "sheol,"
it is far from exact. Sheol means the "state or realm of the dead," not the
place where the dead are buried.

> Does the word HADES in the GREEK always mean "GRAVE"?

COMMENT:  Likewise hades (which Strong defines as 'sheol') would be
more closely translated grave than hell, but it too, like sheol has to do with
the "unseen state" realm of the dead.

> Does the Greek word "Aidios" As it's used in Romans 1:20 when it refers to HIS
COMMENT:  Absolutely not. It mean "imperceptible," and is very close in
meaning to the word "hades."

> Where can I get an accurate copy of the Original Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts
> with the English translation?
COMMENT:  There is no such thing.  If there were, there would be absolutely
no need for the hundreds of translations that we have today.  Even a Hebrew and
Greek Interlinear is of no value to most people, especially if they don't know how
to use them. However, a Hebrew and Greek Dictionary are helpful in determining
the meaning of a particular word, but not even all dictionaries are accurate in this
area. This is why I write articles on important Bible subjects. I use MANY ways to
prove what words and phrases and verses mean.
God be with you,

> May God Continue To Use You In A Mighty Way,
> Brother Bob
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