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Author Topic: Hell ?  (Read 4605 times)

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Hell ?
« on: April 11, 2006, 06:52:57 PM »

I'll skip the accolades and get right to it.
    > In "A Scriptural Explanation of the Lake of Fire" you give a few examples that others claim proves that hell is physical and material (Matt. 18:8-9, Matt. 25:41, Matt. 13:42-43). I understand that you argument is that Jesus is speaking of the spiritual, but I just don't see it.

    > If they are parables how do they match up with what Jesus previously said?

   If they are parables what do they mean?
 These verses are strictly from Matthew, but why would your argument need validation from other books or letters? Shouldn't the words of an entire book stand on their own without causing confusion?
    > You could argue that the other scriptures you gave should be enough, but then how do they the words of Matthew fit together with the othe scriptures?
 Please understand, in my mind I face the apparent contradiction of both
  sides of the argument and struggle to come to a conclusion.
    > Thank you,
    > Sean

    Dear Sean:

    You are obviously not aware of the rules of Scripture interpretation that God Himself has set down.

    We must understand that Christ's words are "SPIRIT" not literal/physical.

    We need TWO WITNESSES to establish ever truth.

    We are now to allow one Scripture to be its OWN interpretation, according to Peter.

    David wrote that the SUM of God's Word is Truth.

    Isaiah states that the Truths of God are "here a little and there a little,"

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Be sure to read my new paper to be posted in a few days entitled: "Twelve God-Given Truths to Understand His Word"

    God be with you,

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