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Author Topic: No Hell  (Read 5002 times)

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No Hell
« on: April 21, 2006, 10:00:03 PM »

i see that you have done it again , mistaking the word death like when it says shall not surely die it means will die in the human form but live for eternity in heaven , if you are not a sinner i mean its so simple to understand that yes we die the human body dies but our spirit does not die it goes to heaven or hell the body returns to the ground from where it came but the spirit does not. or what are you trying to say ? that we die and thats it nothing dead not even a memory of being a life zilch no heaven no everlasting life so then why bother , if theres no hell then why worry about anything? why even be a christian ? why follow God? why do anything? we have nothing to worry about or fear there is no hell according to you so we can all just do what the hell we like kill murder rape torture be nasty horrible people with no consequences cause you say no hell so there is no need to follow GOD or be a christian or anything especially if we just die and return to the ground and thats it or even if thats not just it and we do all go to heaven then woot woot we will be dancing with hitler and the men that crucified jesus and took his name in vain and all the murderes and killers and torturers and vile evil wicked men that have done some terrible evil wicked things all in heaven together ? how do you explain this? your a fool i dont care what it says in the bible how its translated or not the point is its common sense that people know the truth and your telling a lie .a satanic lie. because your fearful of hell and going there .if there is a hell or not doesnt matter , what would matter then is why did God create us? what for? no reason if we can all just do as we please and all either just die or all go to heaven so why are you a christian? forget it dont bother , dont worry whats right or wrong never fear we all happily go off to heaven when we die or we go to the dust of the ground no hell no punishment for wicked evil sins wow wont the people who have prayed and taught and witnessed and done meals on wheels be p'd to see hitler and all the others there with them? why ever have good people? like moses? and all the others why did they bother? why does it say in the bible to witness? what for? we are all rewarded in heaven no matter what so why bother no consequences for any sins ever wow what drugs are you on old man ray ? you are trully a fool and are so blinded by your fear of hell that you waste your time and life. on these matters, when it clearly doesnt matter no hell as you say, so no need to be righteous or good or be a christian or go to church or anything. you also call God   a liar coz he wrote the bible its the truth his word he doesnt deicieve and he wouldnt let us read a bible of mistakes and mis translations he knew what the bible would be how it would be translated and thats what we have his word Gods w ord and no lies or confusion or there is totally no point in having a bible at all unless we all have a greek or hebrew bible and can read it that means we cant know the real bible so God didnt give us one didnt give us his word mislead us all and we have a mistranslated bible that isnt is word at all so you say  rubbish , but the other side is this after all you say would it matter no it wouldnt we all happily go off to heaven saint and sinner together no matter what so lets all have a party and celebrate and do as we please forget the church and the thelogians ray it doesnt matter if they preach lies as you say now does it? we all go to heaven remember so shut down your web page retire kick up one hell of a party dance rape torture murder join a satanic church worship the devil sacrifice children whatever you want ray coz you will go to heaven . what a fool you are ray seriously think about the lies you say coz if i was you i would be fearful of hell like i know you are afte r all the lies youve told and misled people into hell by your satanic false teachings be afraid be afraid of God coz you are lying and misleading people into the pits of hell with you and please learn simple english like in the bible to die means the body and not the spirit so when God says you shall surely not die he means the spirit shall surely not die not the body dang go back to school ray . your a fool.

Dear Steve:

I am going to start series of short articles called: Short Papers on Giant Subjects. One of those papers will contain the utter nonsense you present in this email. First, you clearly state, that if there is no hell, they YOU PERSONALLY are going to "live like hell," meaning that you will become a gross sinner. Kinda shows where your heart really is, doesn't it Steve. And second, I have written hundreds of pages concerning the punishments and severe JUDGMENTS that will come upon people like you if you do not repent of your vile opinion of your God and Saviour.  Trust me Steve, there is no shortage of JUDGMENT for the wicked. I write about it all the time. Perhaps you missed those hundreds of pages on my site?

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