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Author Topic: Website  (Read 4181 times)

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« on: April 27, 2006, 09:47:27 AM »

Hi Ray,

 I know you know that God has a purpose in our suffering, and that purpose is for us for learn how to obey God (which is how God defines love, ie we obey Him). Even Jesus "learned obediance from the things He suffered" (Hebrews).

 So for sure the rest of us need this! Over a slow process of about 15 years of agony of soul, thinking God might actually torture most in a literal fire forever, God at times abruptly, and at times slowly, brought me
to a fuller understanding of the real truth, which pretty much agrees with
everything you teach (although I have a slightly different take on some
 things). Then I searched the Internet to see if there were others out there like me, or was I the only one, and found some sites like yours. It more just helped to confirm to me that there are others out there who are being enlightened by God, so I don't feel so alone, and know I'm not crazy.

 Point is, though, God revealed these things to me Himself (He doesn't need people to do this), and He used the fear of hell (one of the main ways Father chastizes His children until they are mature enough to handle the full truth). Although I know that I don't have to do anything about what I now know, God has put a good desire in my heart to also start a website and openly share my story and everything I think I know. The only reason I hesitate is that it could do harm to unstable immature minds. Some people will not understand my take on universal salvation, and might rush off to sin without fear of consequences of hell. Yes, God will work it out in the end and save them anyway, but they will cause themselves much suffering in the process. I 'm sure you must have considered this kind of thing before starting your website. How would you advise one such as myself that would like to start his own website? How does one ensure that they only do good and not harm when trying to explain the mysteries of God to others?


Dear Dennis:

You detest the doctrine of an eternal hell of torture in fire, and you want to share the truth with others by starting a web site.  The problem is this:  Who will come to your site?  Suppose you have a page on "Hell" on your site and you want people to read it.  How will they find your site?  They can go to a search engine like Google. Try it:  type in "hell" in a major search engine. Google gives 15,400,000 entries under hell. So would you like to be 15,400,001?  By the way, did you notice who is very first of those 15 million entries?  It is  Do you think they put us there by accident?

One dollar goes a long way at  We have approximately 60,000 unique visitors a month to our site.  I know of sites that have been running for years, and they have yet to reach a hundred people. There are ways to reach a LOT of people for very little money, but hardly anyone is interested in reaching people through those who know what they are doing.

I can't advise you on starting a site.

God be with you,

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