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Author Topic: Text Formatting - abbreviations (IMO)  (Read 14354 times)

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Text Formatting - abbreviations (IMO)
« on: February 16, 2008, 01:50:40 PM »

Text Formatting:
So here's how to create [B] bold, [I] italic, [U] underlined,
and [change color] colorcolorcolor text. 

To use the BBCodes in your posts - it's those interface boxes that you will see above the message area.

All these boxes have BBCodes and includes tags to allow you to quickly change the basic style of your text. This is achieved in the following ways.
To change a piece of text, hi-light it (this is done by placing the curser on the beginning of the text and left click and hold down, then drag the mouse all the way to the end of the text that you want to format and this will hi-light it), now you can choose which style you would like to use and left click that box.  You will see a BBcode come up in front of and behind the selected text.

If you want to use more than 1 formating tool, you will need to repeat this process again re-hi-light the same text and left click another box.

To make a text a different color, hi-light the text and click the 'change color' box and when the list comes down, click on the desired color. 

Common acronyms and their meanings:

These are all abbreviations for specific phrases commonly used in informal written computer correspondence.

AFAIC       As far as I'm concerned 
AFAIK       As far as I know 
AFK          Away from keyboard 
BRB          Be right back 
BTDT        Been there, done that  
BTW         By the way 
C/C          Comments and criticism 
EOM         End of message 
FAQ          Frequently Asked Question
FWIW        For what it's worth 
FYI           For your information 
HTH          Hope this helps 
IDK           I Don't Know
IIRC          If I recall correctly 
IMHO         In my humble opinion 
IMO           In my opinion 
IOW          In other words  
JK             Just Kidding
LOL           Laughing out loud 
MOTOS      Member of the opposite sex 
MOTSS      Member of the same sex 
OMG          Oh my God 
OTOH        On the other hand 
RL             Real Life, as opposed to the Internet 
ROFL         Rolling on the floor laughing 
SO            Significant other
TTYL         Talk to you later 
W/E           Whatever 

Copy and Paste:
If you would like to move a word or piece of text somewhere else, here is what you do.   
Place the curser on the beginning of the text and left click and hold down, then drag the mouse all the way to the end of the text and it will hi-light or darken around the text. 
Now place the curser on any part of the hi-lighted text and right click (a left click off the text will remove the hi-light), when the list appears click on 'copy'. 
Now this text is saved and you can take it anywhere you want to place it.
When you are ready to paste it, put the curser on the page where you want the text to appear (now keep the mouse curse close to the blinking curser) and right click.  When the list comes up choose 'paste.'

Text in 'quote' box:
To take a certain section of a post and put it in your post in a darkened 'quote' box, you need to; 
Go to the post you want to quote and take your curser (the arrow on the page) to the first word and left click it on the first word and hold the clicker down and drag it over the line and go down over the entire text you want to quote.  Now with this darkened you can right click and then click the 'save' option and you have it saved to use where you want. 
Now you can go to your message box and put your curser where you want the text to come up on the page and click there so your curser will blink where you want the text to be on the page.  Now right click and click on the 'paste' option.  This will bring up the text you want to quote.
Now drag your curser over it again and darken it again.  Go to the icons and look for the little box that says 'insert quote' and click on it.  This puts the BB code on either side of the text in your message box, but it will come up in the darkened box on your post.  You can 'preview' it before you post if you like.

Helpful Hint:
Another tip is if you make a mistake and delete a whole line of text, or even the whole text, simply press [Ctrl / Z] at the same time, this will reverse the mistake you made. You can press it mulitple times to "undo" a lot of changes.

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