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Author Topic: Revelation 22:11  (Read 5377 times)

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Revelation 22:11
« on: May 05, 2008, 07:07:48 PM »

Dear Ray,

    I have learned so much from your writings which have reaffirmed my belief in a loving God who would not condemn billions of people to an eternal torture chamber just for being in a location where they wouldn't hear the work of His Son.

    One verse that confuses me though is Revelation 22:11.  I've read commentaries on the verse, and of course, I've gotten people's preconceived notions of eternal damnation which contradict Scripture as a whole.  Would you enlighten me as to what this verse actually means, if you get a chance?  I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

    Dear  Dave:  I don't normally answer questions on Revelation because they just generate more and more questions which would then keep me busy for the rest of my life.  The "end of the world" or more properly "the consummation of the ages" does not take place in Revelation or any other book of the Bible.  So of course there are still sinners on the earth in Rev. 22. Notice also, however, that in verse 17, the "water of LIFE" is STILL being offered freely AFTER what Jesus said in verse 11.

    God be with you,


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