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Author Topic: Unsound Doctrines  (Read 4435 times)

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Unsound Doctrines
« on: June 21, 2008, 10:34:28 PM »

Here we go again. Another look at your website and more unsound doctrines. Now you say tithing is unscriptual! You have shown that you lack complete understanding of Biblical teachings and doctrines. Its amazing how many you get wrong!

    All I can say Mr. Ray is that God judges more harshly those who profess to teach the truth but actually lead His sheep astray.
    may God have mercy on your soul.

    Dear Craig: How in the world is it even conceivable to speak rationally with an orthodox Christian. Of the tens of thousands of emails that I have received from Christian detractors, most of them misrepresent not only what I teach, but even what I SAY.
    I have never, ever, ever said that "tithing is unscriptural!"  I'll use your exclamation (!) point for emphasis. Where have I ever said such a thing? Then why do you misrepresent me and say that I teach such unscriptural nonsense? The title of my tithing paper is: "Tithing is Unscriptural UNDER THE NEW COVENANT"  The subject of tithing is certainly not unscriptural, but the subject of tithing MONEY under the NEW COVENANT, is not only unscriputral, but "damnable heresy (II Pet. 2:1).
    I have received numerous emails from pastors, teachers, and theologians stating that my paper on tithing is the best and most complete Scriptural presentation of this subject that they have ever seen or read. I lost track of how many said that they are now trusting God for their income and are teaching the truth regarding the Unscriptural and Unholy teaching of New Testament tithing of MONEY.  'Me thinks' that you are more angry over my knocking the nose off of your Christian idol of the heart, than you are over my lack of scholarship or Biblical knowledge.
    God be with you,
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