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Author Topic: Liar  (Read 4818 times)

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« on: May 29, 2006, 10:49:15 AM »

I challenge you to read my first e-mail several times, and then repley. Think about what I said very carefuly. You say that you seek the truth, if that is so then think very carefuly over it. Comprehend what I am saying. Then decide whether to go to Jesus saying "I have sinned." or come to me to debate. Both of us are gracious to repented sinners. Not so, to those who refuse.

Scott, here is your first email to me and my comment to it:

Dear Scott:
I want to make a comment and ask a question regarding your email. I belive that you are not being honest.  See my comment before after your comment.....

    I hope that you are either prepaed to have your eyes opened. Or, meet your Maker. I challege your blindness to the existance of God as One, Yet Three. If I shine light into your eyes, repent, and come to Jesus, saying, "I have sinned. I grant you that the word Trinity, is not found in the scripture. However The existatance of God in Three, Is a fact. You stated that the so-called Trinity was not logical. You are right. It is not logical; at first. However it can become logical. It does not matter whether or not you understand. God's existance does not change, just because Ray Smith does not understand it. I could help Mr. Smith to understand it, if you were willing receive light when light is shinned. But, if I shine light, and you flea from light, your course is set. Do not flea the Light, come to the Light. If I give you understanding, will you receive it? I can make what seems to be illogical, become logical. Can you receive it? I would like to give you a few simple illustrations to open your understanding. Afterwards the Scriptures fall into place. You say that three in one is illogical. At first maybe. Can you use your imagination. Imagine- three links in a chain. Think about that for a momment, before you go farther. I would like to ask a simple question. How many links are in that chain? The answer is, "Three". I would like to ask another question; How many chains is it? the answer is of course, "One". There is one chain, and three links. I want you to give thought to that for a moment. One chain with three links in it. A chain made of  steel, or plastic. Picture that in your mind. One chain, three links. God exist in a chain made of the Spirit of God. Each link being the same Eternal, Omnisience God. If you were speaking to One, or the Other, you are speaking to the Same. The First being in heave. the Second come forth. The Third, in man (If he is born again.) The First in the "true tabernacle in heave n, which God hath pitched, and not man" Holy (seperated, set apart). The second, come forth as mediator. Who walk with adam in the garden, and appeared to the saints. Who appeared to Moses on the mount, spoken of in the second person, "And the Angel of the Lord appeared unto Moses in a flame of fire out of the nidst of the bush... ...., ... Moreover he said, I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isac and the God of Jacob..." Ex. 2 it was the second "So-call" person of God who appeared to the saint. It was He who it was prophecied would be born into the human race. "and hie name shall be called Emmanuel, which is being inturpted, God with us."
    COMMENT:  Look at your next statement here:

    For two thausand years "WE" have been calling Him Emmanuel, "God with us" and you have called the word of God a lier.
    COMMENT:  How is it that you state: " [that's me] have called the word of God a lier [liar]"?  Where have I done that? HOw have I done that? Where is your proof of that statement? Show me.  Quote me.  In reference to Jesus being Emmanuel, how have I made God's word a  lie?  I await your reply.......................
    Here Scott is your weasel word reply:
    My comment "We" was intentend to be a general term meaning those of us who believe in the Deity of Christ(and the Trinity). "You" was intended to mean those of you who do not believe in the Deity of Christ. God's Word does reveal that to be the truth,  whether a man understands and believes it or not. I hope that I caused you to give this some thought. God is gracious to those come to Him, saying, "I have sinned." Find a strong(not a weak) conservative Baptist church. Thank you for writing back,
    So Scott, the "you" [that's me] that you address in your fourth or fifth email now, is not "me?"  Just a "general" you?  And now (after trying to teach me the plan of salvation in numerous emails and literally "CHALLENGE" me), you suggest that if I answer your "challange," then I am a "debater" and fall from YOUR'S AND CHRIST'S grace.
    You lying, two-faced hypocrite, Scott.  YOU challenged me, and I asked to to provide proof of your slanderous accusations, and you provided NONE. You got caught with your pants down in your attempt to ridicule my paper. You couldn't find a "quote" where I "called God's word a LIAR."  But being the spiritual coward that you are, you now attempt to bully me into accepting your pagan doctrines.
    Furthermore, Scott, you didn't even read my paper on the Trinity, did you?  So I "deny the divinity of Jesus" do I?  And just where do I do that?  Where?  Show me where I do that in my paper?  You can't, you lying weasel, becuase there is no such thing in my Trinity paper.  But let me show you what IS IN my paper:
    In my paper "GOD IS NOT A TRINITY" page 22 under the caption: "WHO AND WHAT IS JUSUS CHRIST?"  you will read the following:
    Paragraph 3:  "Is Christ God?  YES HE IS"
    Paragraph 4:  "Is Christ worthy of worship?  YES HE IS!"
    Paragraph 5:  "So Christ is called 'God'"
    Paragraph 6:  "Jesus IS God!"
    It is YOU, Scott, who had better be thinking about bitterly repenting of your lies, hypocrisy, and slander.
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