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Author Topic: Universalism  (Read 4814 times)

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« on: May 29, 2006, 10:52:08 AM »

I am so tired of these people who put forth such reasoning as

“If everyone is going to be saved anyway and there’s no eternal hell, then hey, let’s live it up and sin all we want!?

This is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

Reason 1. Unregenerate persons will always be looking for a license to sin. If you honestly have such reasoning, you have not been born of God and do not have His nature within you.

Reason 2. If you flip that reasoning around than basically all you are saying is “All Christ is worth is a ticket out of hell.?

Reason 3. If the only reason you abstain from sin is the fear of being tortured for eternity in Hell, and not because you are in love with God, then you don’t love God or have a genuine relationship with Him in the first place.

Reason 4. If a master said “Serve me or I will torture you!? and the servant served the master, would it be because the servant loved the master, or because the servant wished not to be tortured? In the same way, do you think God does not see through the fakeness of those who serve Him not because they love Him, but because they don’t want to be tortured? Don’t you think God desires people to serve Him because they delight in Him and to love Him because He is breathtakingly lovely and glorious?

Reason 5. The reasoning of “I will choose a life of sin instead of God if I’m going to be saved eventually anyways? is defective because you didn’t choose God in the first place, God chose you. Your heart was hardened and you could not soften it yourself. Your eyes were blinded and you could not heal your own blindness. You were asleep and could not wake yourself. Lost, and God had to find you. Do you really think you are saved from your sin by your own choice and willpower? You are saved by God’s sovereign grace alone. If you see such great healing and salvation from the sovereign and gracious hand of God as worthy of being cast aside simply because “there is not an eternal hell? then I perceive that God has not opened your eyes and awakened your heart to His beauty and the joy and completion to be found in Him in the first place, and you are still i n your sins. God must draw you to Himself by His sovereignty and when He does, you will see that the joy to be found in Him is infinitely greater than the pleasures of sin.

So perhaps one thing Universalism does is separate the sheep from the goats and reveals those who serve God out of self-righteous hypocrisy and those who serve Him out of genuine love.

Dear Jacob:

PLEASE, however, don't be deceived into believing that everyone who espouses "Universalism" is a teacher of Truth.  Some of them teach greater heresies and blasphemies than do those of main stream orthodox Christianity.

God be with you,

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