[This is the second email Ray received from a Florida Bible College student named Robert]

Just a note. I am sorry I did not mean to get you upset. But the class of Comparative Religions is not only interesting but demanding. I perhaps should have worded it better.

My professor says hello also. He had the other students visit other web sites also. We view your web site directly in class.

But he did tell me to tell you that your doctrine is contrary to Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, D.L. Moody, Charles Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, the Fist Apostles Creed that was established in 70 A.D., but most important Jesus Christ and the Scriptures.

But your doctrine and he quotes your web site in class, goes along with Charles Taze Russell, founder of Jehovah Witness, Joseph Smith, founder of Mormon or Latter Day Saints, Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science and Sun Young Moon founder of the Unification Church.

Though you may not consider yourself a cult you have many of their doctrines that go against the Scripture and that these known cults hold fast too. He uses your material on power point slide presentation to show the manner people go completely off the Scriptures by criticizing men of the Gospel.

He asked me to ask you if you have reached the Gospel as these men on the Internet that you criticize. Or if you have led these many as they to the Lord. Your response, as the last one was, will be read in its entirety to the class.

[Ray replies]

(Attention: Robert)

Dear Robert

Hello again. I received your second e-mail. I admit I find it hard to believe that your professor will actually read this reply in its entirety to the class, I will, nonetheless, take him at his word.

Why did you think that you "upset" me in our last correspondence? Robert, if you knew all that I have gone through the past sixty years, you would know for sure that it takes more than an e-mail to upset me. I think maybe the succinct manner in which I answered with a little sarcasm thrown in caused you to think I might be upset. Not so. I welcome your inquiries and equate your professor's labeling me a "cult" as just so much persecution for which I am prepared. Rather than get upset, I just want to praise God and Sing a Hymn.
I was not, and am not upset, but I don't want you or your professor to think that I am naive either. Your professor is interested in my web-site because he has met his match. Not in me, but in the simple, straight forward way in which the truths of God are presented. He cannot Scripturally refute what I say and that bothers him a lot. He is using you as a go-between to possibly ferret out of me something incriminating that he has not personally been able to find in the material on my web-site. He knows enough about the Scriptures to know that all of my statements are Scripturally sound and cannot be truthfully disputed. So he reverts to name-calling, labeling, and asking demeaning questions which he thinks will either anger me or case me to give a stupid answer. That is unless you, Robert, came up with these question all on your own--did you?

Since you want more information, I will give you more information. Let's look at your questions again:

You asked: "Do you hold that you and you alone have the correct interpretation of the Bible?"

If you actually read my web-site you would have noticed that I ...

  1. Quoted numerous books and sources of material that correctly interpret the Bible.
  2. At the end of my paper I gave a couple of addresses for additional material by writers who correctly interpret the Bible.
  3. I reprinted an entire poem by Dorothea Day entitled "My Captain" and stated the following: "Wow! This girl should have been a theologian. One can go to church for many, many years, and not hear this much SCRIPTURAL TRUTH." In case any didn't understand this comment, it is an acknowledgment that other people DO know how to interpret Scriptures besides me! Also, at the end of my web-page.

And yet you would try to entrap me with an incriminating question like "do you and YOU ALONE have the correct interpretation of the Bible?"

Furthermore, most of my material is devoted to showing how God, not I, interpret words and verses. Example:

When we read in the Bible that there were "aions" in the PLURAL, "aions" in the PAST, a PRESENT "aion," an "aion" TO COME, "aions" TO COME, the "aion of the aion," the "ion of the aions," the "aions of the aions," and the "ENDS of the aions," then it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a Biblical scholar to know assuredly that the Greek word "aion" CANNOT be translated "evers" or "eternities," "evers" or "eternities" in the PAST, a PRESENT "ever" or "eternity," an "ever" or "eternity" to COME, "evers" or "eternities" TO COME, the "ever OF the ever" or the "eternity OF the eternity" [it is "of" not "and"--Greek genitive], "ever OF the evers" or "eternity of the eternities," "evers of the evers" or "eternities of the eternities," and the ENDS of the "evers" or "eternities."

Anyone in your class can check this out with a concordance. I challenge you to prove me wrong on this one point. This one point totally destroys your "eternal torment in hell" theory. COMPLETELY DESTROYS IT! There are THOUSANDS of theologians who refuse to acknowledge this easily provable fact of Scripture. Why? They know how to use a concordance and lexicon. Call me a "cult" if you must, but Greek "aions" are NOT English "eternities!"

No one in your class will now be able, for the rest of his life, to deny that he has ever been presented with the absolute Scriptural and etymological PROOF that there is no eternal hellhole of torture mentioned in ANY SCRIPTURE OF THE BIBLE! If you continue to teach this damnable heresy, it will be on your own head. Trust me when I tell you that you will give an account one day to Jesus Christ for what you do with the information in the above paragraphs.

And you thought that you could ridicule the very truths of God on my web site and make great sport of me in front of the class and no one would ever be the wiser. "Take heed when you think you stand...!"

You asked: "When you started your religion and new doctrine, did you have any form of schooling or advanced training in the Bible?
That's one of those "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" questions. One is guilty if he answers "yes" and guilty if he answers "no." What religion and what doctrines do I have that are not Scriptural? Which ones did "I START?" You didn't list a one. By the way, Have you stopped beating your wife? Just kidding!

You asked: "Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead and is the Messiah the son of God?"

That question is so incredibly inane in the light of all the material I have written on my web-site that it hardly deserves an answer. But for the benefit of your class I will.

Letter to Dr. Kennedy, Page one,

"I LOVE the Scriptures..."

"Whatever we teach must 'GLORIFY' God."

"Whatever we teach must not detract one iota from Christ's [Christ--the Anointed One, the Messiah] sacrifice for all humanity."

Page 5, "Now, if Christ has not been roused, vain is your faith--you are STILL IN YOUR SINS." (Acts 15:16-18).

That is just how important the resurrection is, but according to you and most Christian theologians, it isn't necessary at all, because you teach that man has an immortal soul that goes directly to Heaven or Hell without resurrection and thus make a mockery of the very Word of God."

My writings make it abundantly clear what I believe about Jesus Christ and the importance of His resurrection from the dead. Robert, the question is not do I believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that He rose from the dead. The question is rather do you and your professor believe that Jesus was actually dead, and that He rose from the dead?

I meticulously go through the Scriptures showing when Christ died, where His body went, where His soul went, and were His spirit went. But, now I would be interested in seeing the Scriptural proof for your belief that Jesus only partially died and will only partially save humanity! I quoted dozens of Scriptures showing that in sheol (KJV's OT "Hell")

  • there is NO works,
  • NO device,
  • NO contrivance,
  • NO intelligence,
  • NO reason,
  • NO knowledge,
  • NO wisdom,
  • NO thoughts,
  • NOT anything (Ecc. 9:10).

These things do not continue to function at a different location during death: they PERISH in death (Psalm 146:4). I believe Psalm 146:4 that in death everyone's "thoughts perish." That is, no one who IS dead, HAS THOUGHTS! I believe that Scripture--do you? Or do you believe Satan's lie to Adam and Eve that man has an "immortal soul" that never dies?

Must I denounce God and His Word and turn to Satan for doctrinal truth regarding "death" and then I will be a member in good standing of Christendom? NO THANK YOU!

Can you or your professor now show me any Scriptures that would contradict these verses by showing that there really is "works, devices, intelligence, reason, knowledge, wisdom, thoughts," etc., in either sheol, death, hades, hell, or the grave? (Lazarus and the Rich man is, of course, a parable. See my letter to Mr. Hagee. I have forty pages on this parable). If you could find such a Scripture, we would then have a contradiction of the Scriptures, and I for one REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT GOD'S WORD CONTRADICTS!!!

Do you believe in Scriptural Contradictions? Dr. Frederick Price of TBN fame does. He sent me a letter and a little booklet explaining that, "not everything in the Bible is true," even when it is properly translated! Dr. Price is a minister in good standing in the great institution of Christendom. He is not a "cult" because he believes that not everything in the Bible is true. No, apparently it is when one believes that everything in Scripture IS TRUE, that you label him a "cult."

I believe that CHRIST ONLY has immortality! Do you believe that man has an immortal soul?

I believe that dead people have NO THOUGHTS (Psalm 146:4). Do you believe that dead people (in hades, sheol, the grave or wherever) have thoughts?

I believe that Jesus Christ will SAVE THE WORLD (Jn 3:17, 6:51, I Jn 2:2, II Cor. 5:19, Rom. 5:18, I Jn. 4:14, etc.)! Do you believe that Christ will save the world? No, of course you don't.

Do you believe that God only "wants or wishes" to save the world?

Do you believe " ...our Savior, God, Who wants and wishes that all mankind be saved and come into a realization of the truth" is a proper translation of I Tim. 2:4?

Do you believe that "Who WILLS that ALL MANKIND BE SAVED..." IS the proper translation?

Do you believe Isa. 46:11? "I have spoken it [as in He has spoken it in I Tim. 2:4 for example] I WILL ALSO BRING IT TO PASS: I have purposed it, I WILL ALSO DO IT."

And here is a double witness for the stubborn in heart:

"I AM GOD, and there is none like me. Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My COUNSEL SHALL STAND, and I WILL DO ALL MY PLEASURE"
(Isa. 46:9-10).

You CANNOT both believe that God "wills" to save all mankind and that He will perform all His "pleasure" and bring about all that He has "spoken," and yet...and YET believe that He will NOT save all mankind and will NOT accomplish all His will and will NOT do all His pleasure and His counsel will NOT stand!!! It is your doctrine that is one of enormous Scriptural contradiction, not mine.

I would like for you to explain that contradiction of major proportion to the class. I would like to you explain it to me! And in the meantime be a little more careful who you call a "cult!"

You asked: "Do you have another work other than the Bible that you accept as inspired?"

I quote between one and two THOUSAND Scriptures on my web-site, and you think maybe I have another book that I think is inspired? Like what? Maybe the Book of Mormon? Give me a break! But on the other hand, you apparently believe that unscriptural manmade creeds are inspired!

You asked: "Do your followers hold you as a prophet or priest?"

First of all, I don't have "followers." I do, however, have a large pile of e-mails sent by people thanking me for opening up their understanding of the Scriptures for the first time in their church-going lives. For once in their lives they don't have to agonize over whether Aunt Martha, daughter Crystal, or Grandpa Jones are frying in some fabled eternal hellhole of fire. And although I am a priest in training (I Peter 2:9), I am not a prophet.

You might conclude that some of my remarks are a little sarcastic, but then again I think a little sarcasm is good! I love the way Elijah used it. Sarcasm has a way of cutting to the chase! Jesus Christ used it too--see my examples of Christ "answering a fool according to a fool" and "not answering a fool according to his folly" in my letters to TBN.

I have a question: Has anyone actually read the material on my web-site in its entirety and checked every Scriptural reference and documentation? Can anyone prove wrong (specifically) what I have written? Can anyone show where I lied or told a falsehood? And I don't mean like the person who e-mailed me and stated that I said there is no hell, and then proceeded to list a dozen Scriptures from the KJV that had the word "hell" in them. What kind of scholarship is that? I had already explained in some detail (probably no less than 50-60 pages dealing with the doctrine of hell) that "hell" is not a proper translation of any Hebrew or Greek word, and NOWHERE in Scriptures is there a place where God burns the flesh of most of His children for eternity.

I don't claim to know it all by any means, so I will accept responsible criticism. The key words being specific, detailed, reliable, on the subject, and to the point.

Your professor says "tell you [that's me] that your doctrine is contrary to Billy Graham, Billy Sunday..." etc., etc. Is he suggesting that that is a bad thing? Woe be to me if my doctrine (I would rather believe that it is God's doctrine) is not contrary to some of the more strange doctrines of these fine men. I'm sure all these men were fine, however, their teachings are not always so fine.

Maybe just one or two comments on the above statement. First, Billy Graham. It was reported years ago that in a Billy Graham crusade when Mr. Graham called for people to come to the altar to accept Jesus Christ he make a statement similar to the following: "Don't pray for these people who are making their decision for Christ at this time. It is fine if you prayed for them before and it is fine if you pray for them afterwards, but right now the decision must be theirs and theirs ALONE." Statements like that from the clergy overwhelm me--completely overwhelm me! As though a man or woman could actually make such a decision to "come to Christ" on their own without God.

Not only are such teachings foolish, they are unscriptural. Is not the time when one makes a decision to accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior the most important moment of one's life? If ever there was a time when one absolutely needed God's help to make the right decision, it would have to be right then and there. But Mr. Graham would suggest that this is a time when one must not have God's help. People were instructed not to pray for someone in the hour of their greatest need!

What Mr. Graham suggests should be done at such a time, the Scriptures clearly show CANNOT BE DONE! That we make a conscious decision to "come to Christ" is indeed true. That we make or can make such decision on our own WITHOUT God's intervention is sheer foolishness. And Mr. Graham is not alone in this unscriptural nonsense. I heard John Hagee say, "I'm not saved because my grandmother believed ... I am saved because I found Him [Jesus Christ] BY MYSELF." Let us see if God agrees these carnal statements of self-assurance and supposed free will:

"NOT ONE [not even Billy Graham or John Hagee, independent of God] is seeking out God" (Rom. 3:11).

"Now what have you which you did not obtain? Now if you obtained it also, why are you BOASTING as though NOT obtaining?" (I Cor. 4:7).

"Ye have NOT CHOSEN ME, but I have CHOSEN YOU, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit ..." (John 15:16).

"NO MAN CAN come to me, except the Father which hath sent me DRAW HIM: and I will raise him up at the last day" (John 6:44).

"Therefore said I unto you, that NO MAN CAN COME unto me, except it were GIVEN unto him of my Father" (Ver. 65). 

Why steal credit for what God has freely given?

Now then, according to the above Scriptures (not Billy Graham or John Hagee, but the above SCRIPTURES), is it possible to come to Christ at a Billy Graham crusade or anywhere else, WITHOUT the direct intervention of both Jesus Christ and God the Father giving you the faith, desire, and ability TO COME to Christ in the first place? I rest my case.

On this one point, professor, you are correct, my doctrine which I get from Rom. 3:11, I Cor. 4:7, John 15:16, and John 6:44,65, IS "contrary" to the teachings of Billy Graham and John Hagee (not to mention most of Christendom), who have NO Scriptural support for their doctrine of humanistic self determinism.

Those lacking faith to even believe the Scriptures, are hardly in a position to criticize others.

After the terrorists' attack on September 11, Mr. Graham announced from the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. to the entire world that, "God is NOT the author of evil!" My jaw dropped when I heard that. Mr. Graham apparently wanted to protect God from any association with "evil." But by doing so, he contradicted the Scriptures and made God out to be a liar. Oh I am sure he didn't consciously think he was doing such a thing, but that is the reality of his comment.

The Scriptures are clear:

"I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is NO GOD BESIDE ME ... I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, AND CREATE EVIL: I the Lord do ALL THESE THINGS" (Isa. 45:5 & 7).

I've heard people say that this verse means that God creates the "potential" for evil. These are the same Christians that believe Jesus is the "potential" savior of the world. God has something to say about adding contradictory words to His Word!

The real problem with Mr. Graham's comment is that he does not understand the fact that God is the creator of evil. And since he doesn't understand it he obviously doesn't approve of God being the creator of evil, so he then contradicts the Scriptures in order to make people feel good about a God Who has nothing to do with the authorship of evil. Never mind for the moment that this is the same God that Mr. Graham believes will torture most of humanity for eternity in FIRE (now that is evil far beyond anything that God has declared in His Word).

For those of you who are just dying to know, Yes, God is the creator of evil, but God uses evil always for a good and righteous purpose. Evil is a backdrop necessary for the display of good. The word evil itself has no moral bias. Men sin when they do evils to others. God never sins. Try to name a virtue that is not the result of overcoming some form of evil. At the consummation, evil, just as death, will be abolished.

I noticed that Martin Luther was conspicuously missing from your "Who's Who in Protestantism" list. Maybe that was because of his understanding of the Sovereignty of God verses man's fabled free will?

Your professor's statement about the "Apostles' Creed" was intriguing. Established in 70 AD was it? And I suppose their is Scriptural or historical documentation to that effect? Is he choosing such an early date because he is suggesting that this creed was actually written by the Apostles?

My Encyclopaedia Britannica has this regarding the creed:

"Scholarship has shown CONCLUSIVELY that the received text given above [the one commonly recited today] is an elaboration of the baptismal creed of the Roman church in the 3rd and 4th centuries. The text of the latter has been recovered in Latin from Rufinus' commentary on the Apostles' Creed (c. 404) and in Greek from a letter sent by Marcellus of Ancyra to Pope Julius I in 340. The FACT that the Greek almost certainly represents the original is a testimony to its antiquity."

Big difference between 70 AD and the forth century AD, however. Also, if you care to note, the original rendition of this creed did not contain the words "descended to hell" as it does today. I have zero interest in "creeds." If I am to be condemned or branded as a "cult" for not believing in unscriptural, manmade "creeds," so be it! Why get bogged down with unscriptural creeds when we have GOD'S WORD?

And just how serious is that little addition, "descended to hell?" Well, as I stated in my last communication, if Christ was not REALLY DEAD during the three days and three night that He was in the tomb, but as this Apostles' Creed suggests was rather traveling about some fabled hellhole, then YOU DON'T HAVE A SAVIOR! If you students are as "demanding" as you suggest, Robert, then I wish and pray above all things that they will DEMAND THE TRUTH! Never, EVER, settle for less than the absolute Scriptural Truth!

But it is I who am a "cult," is it? I'm sorry, but I refuse to believe this Easter heresy. Easter? EASTER? How is it Christians associate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with "Easter" the pagan goddess of Spring, Easter, and the pagan goddess of Babylon, Ishtar? Does anyone in their right mind really believe that pascha=passover, should be translated "Easter?" (Acts 12:4). Easter has about as much to do with the resurrection of our Lord and Savior as do Easter eggs or the Easter bunny.

I take great exception to the statement that my "doctrine is contrary to ... Jesus Christ and the Scriptures."

Get specific and show me were. No, not by comparing me with someone else you disagree with, but by showing specifically in my writings--chapter, sentence, verse, word, etc., that what I said is wrong or untrue and SPECIFICALLY prove from Scripture that my statements are wrong. I have written hundreds of pages on my site so I would think you could easily find at least two hundred examples of error. What do you think? Tell you what. Let's just come up with twelve good, solid examples of where my teaching is false and unscriptural. That should be a relatively easy task for you as you state that, "...you have MANY of their doctrines that go AGAINST THE SCRIPTURE ..." But I am not the least bit interested in how you think I go against Billy Graham or Billy Sunday.

You used the phrase "against the scriptures," so I want you to show me how my teaching goes against the "Scriptures." And not the King James Bible either, but THE SCRIPTURES! The words "hell," "eternal" "for ever and ever" and "Easter" are "bible" words not SCRIPTURE! God never used any one of those words, and that is very easy to prove. See my article: EXPOSING THOSE WHO CONTRADICT, Part 6.

Continuing what your professor said regarding my writings: "But your doctrine and he quotes your web site in class, goes along with Charles Taze Russell ... Joseph Smith ... Mary Baker Eddy ... And Sun Young Moon ..." Not only is that statement unfair, but it is totally untrue. Maybe there is even a point or two that I would agree with one or even two of these religious leaders, but how does that equate to, "But your [that's me] doctrine [singular--meaning my whole belief system, I guess] GOES ALONG WITH..." This is a dishonest and vague generalization.

I'm sorry but I don't know your professor's name, however, if I where to ask him if he believes in "honoring his parents, teaching his children, loving his wife, and obeying God," would he not probably reply in the affirmative?

Now just what if, just "what if" mind you, I then would produce a taped video of Usama bin Laden stating that he also believes in "honoring his parents, teaching his children, loving his wife, and obeying God," and that I would then publicly state that your professor's doctrines go "RIGHT ALONG WITH" the beliefs and doctrines of Usama bin Laden? Never mind the fact that he also believes in the mass murder of innocent people! Would that be fair of me to make such a comparison? Is that responsible scholarship? Then why does he do that to me? Let's now look at something interesting and revealing concerning your professor's accusations.

I do not have the time nor the inclination to defend myself against such nonsense, however, for the benefit of the class I'll pursue this just a bit further. I have a book entitled Religions in America by Leo Rosten. It does not contain most of the "cult" leaders you yoked with me, however the first one in this book that is on your list is Christian Science. The information regarding that religions' beliefs was written by George Channing and approved by the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts. Let us now see if my beliefs "GO ALONG WITH" that of Christian Science as your professor asserts. I will quote every tenant of their basic premise listed on page 39:


"That God is divine Mind, the conceiver of man and the universe, and Mind is all that exists. Mind expresses itself and its expression is man."

Comment: I don't believe that, nor do I teach it!

"Spirit is eternal and real; matter is an unreal illusion subject to decay and dissolution."

Comment: I don't believe that, nor do I teach it!

"Evil has to do with matter--therefore evil is unreal, an illusion."

Comment: I don't believe that, nor do I teach it!

"Spirit and its expression, man, are indestructible. Death is an illusion of mortal sense, which may continue to appear until destroyed by spiritual sense, either on this or the other side of the grave. The individual continues to live [CONTINUES to live after death?--come on, Robert, Christian theologians believe this unscriptural religious nonsense, NOT I] even though unseen by persons on our plane of existence."

Comment: Need I say it? I don't believe that, nor do I teach it! Contrary to Christian Science, God can and does DESTROY people. But contrary to Christian teaching, God will also find those who are lost and save those who have been destroyed. It may take get future ages of judgment and chastisement to accomplish this for the whole human race and the whole heavenly host, but according to God's Word, it will be accomplished (Isa. 46:10-11).

There is nothing that will prevent God from saving all of His children, which is His heart's desire and His VERY WILL (I Tim. 2:4). Do not you Christians pray: "Thy will BE done...?" I absolutely, with every fiber of my being, believe that I Tim. 2:4 will be accomplished and God will save all MANKIND! Maybe that is why you call me a "cult."

Don't accuse my doctrine of "GOING ALONG WITH" this unscriptural fable when in reality it is your doctrine that perpetuates this pagan doctrine of the ungodly Egyptians!

I Think we would do well to remember our Lord's admonition to Capernaum who's judgment (correction, not eternal pain I fire), will be more severe than even Sodom's judgment because of the great testimony Capernaum witnessed in the person of Jesus.

Likewise, the Egyptians were ignorant regarding man's mortality and need for a Savior and will be judged less harshly than Capernaum in the day of judging. You, however, have God's Word which tells us that man's only hope for life is a resurrection from the dead and the receiving of immortality from God, and yet ... and YET you cling to, follow, and teach the same old pagan Egyptian fable about immortal souls! But it is I who am the "cult?"

It is so sad that most Christians deny that God will accomplish His will of saving all mankind. It is so sad that most Christians believe that Jesus Christ will UTTERLY FAIL to save the world. He came for that purpose! Read I John 4:14,

"...the Father has dispatched the Son, the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD." 

Other translations have:

"...TO SAVE the world,"

"...AS the savior of the world,"


Yet Christian theologians and clergymen say that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! Unbelievable. I BELIEVE God when He says He will reconcile ALL! He will save ALL! He will be All in ALL (I Cor. 15:28) Why don't YOU believe it?

Most doctrinal differences are of little consequence in comparison with the enormous consequence of teaching eternal torment. Hence, I spend a good bit of time of this subject. I do write on other subjects too. I have recently written the following: "Is God a Closed Trinity or an Open Family?", "Exposing the Secret Rapture Theory," and "Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Covenant."
Dr. Kennedy who has a half dozen doctorate degrees has concluded that contrary to all such Scriptures as I Tim. 2:4, John 12:32, Phil. 2:10-11, I Cor. 15:22 & 26 & 28, Col. 1:20, I Cor. 3:15, I Tim. 4:11, John 3:17, John 6:44, Jude 24, I John 2:2, etc., etc., that not only will God not save all mankind, but that He will not even reach all mankind, He will not even call all mankind. He concludes that if people in India or Africa or the islands of the sea don't even get to hear the gospel they will burn in hell for ever anyway because they were sinners to some degree. He does state that they would be saved without Christ (yes, that's what he said, WITHOUT Christ) if they would merely live a perfect life.

Unbelievable! But it is I who am the "cult"?

Dr. Kennedy gives examples of some who "lie" and others who "steal chickens by night" therefore deserving to be burned in hell with fire for trillions and trillions and trillions of billions of quadrillions of centuries without end and without hope and without mercy. This, says Dr. Kennedy, "IS FAIR!!!" This, says Ray Smith, "is UNSCRIPTURAL INSANITY!!!" This is heresy in the highest! This is BLASPHEMY against our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and our Loving Heavenly Father on a level unparalleled in the annuls of the history of the universe! And it is this evil unscriptural teaching that is causing God's name to be blasphemed among the nations today!

Let a Federal judge sentence a boy to life in prison for 'walking on the grass' and see what an outcry one would get from Christians. Sentence that same boy to ETERNITY IN THE FIRES OF HELL, for "telling a lie" and I guess those same Christians would APPLAUD! Kennedy says if people go to hell and burn for eternity in FIRE, that it "is fair." I heard him with my own ears, "HELL IS FAIR!" Certainly at least one person in your class can see and feel how disgustingly evil and SICK is this Christian doctrine of eternal torture in FIRE? Is there not even one of you who demands Scriptural proof before parroting these unscriptural and evil doctrines of Dante and the Egyptians?

But the truly good news is that such an evil doctrine is NOT TAUGHT in the God's Word. And, it is EASY to prove that this doctrine is not taught in God's Word. The peace of mind that truth will bring is worth thousands of hours of Bible research, but in reality, you can prove it in less than one hour--read the first ten pages of my letter to John Hagee. I prove it there. No, it's not just my opinion or my doctrine. I PROVE IT! In fact, it is EASY to prove! A ten year old child can understand it. I am serious. Read it. Study it. If you have the Spirit of God you will just thrill at the assurance that God will accomplish His Will and that Christ really IS the Savior of the whole world!

Did you all read the section in my paper on why Charles Darwin rejected Christianity and devoted his life to turning the world into atheists? Oh, you have got to read that--it is a real eye-opener!

Are you all ready to give an account in front of Jesus Christ and all the holy messengers as to why you teach that Jesus Christ is going to utterly fail in saving the world, and why His Father is then going to TORTURE, UNMERCIFULLY, WITH FIRE, THE MAJORITY OF THE HUMAN RACE (INCLUDING BOYS, GIRLS , GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDFATHERS, THE INSANE, THE RETARDED, PREGNANT WOMEN, AND EVERYONE [see my second letter to Kennedy answering his sermon, What About Those Who Have Never Heard] WHO HAS NEVER HEARD THE "BELIEVE OR BURN" GOSPEL OF CHRISTENDOM?! Are you ready to face your maker and Scripturally defend this depraved teaching?

After removing the unscriptural words "hell," "for ever and ever," and "eternal" from your King James, what one Scripture is left to support such a damnable heresy?
On September 11, I watched in horror and total disbelief as those American jet airliners crashed into the World Trade Center! And when the towers began to collapse I just didn't know what to think. This was not special effects in a Hollywood adventure film. This was a LIVE news telecast. The horror of the people in the planes, the pain from the fire and the crushing steal and concrete in the towers. Truly all sane people were emotionally shocked beyond words to describe by the specter. How awful!!! Many times I heard the phrase "those poor INNOCENT people."

What would you say to comfort the wives and husband and parents and children of all those victims? Would you not try to console them with some words of comfort and hope from God's Word? But what if the "innocent" victim was a nonbeliever? What hope for their deceased loved ones would you give to the survivors of nonbelievers? Would you tell them that although they were the "innocent" victims of terrorists, they are now the guilty victims of the terror of God Almighty? Would you tell them that their loved ones are burning in fire that is a thousand times hotter and more frightening and painful than the fire that killed them in the towers?

What if the victim was Jewish? A lot of Jews were killed in that terror attack. And Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ or His sacrifice for them. They deny their Savior. Jesus said He would deny those who deny Him. Does that mean they are now being tortured and will never be saved?

I sure know what I would tell them. And I could comfort them from the Old Testament or the New Testament. I could comfort Jew, Gentile, Saint, or atheist! I know hundreds of Scriptures of comfort and hope for both survivors and victims. Only in the shallow wells of Christendom do we run out of hope and mercy were love then always FAILS!

According to your Christian doctrine God loved those nonbelievers with all the love in the universe--while the towers were coming down. But if any nonbelievers were too ignorant or too frightened to turn to God on the way down, then when they hit the bottom God's love for them "failed."

According to Christendom, from that moment on, God's love turned to the most ungodly hatred and sadism ever conceived in the deranged min of an insane demon! Does anyone have a Scripture that says God loves His children one second and then hates them the next second?

But I do believe there is a Scripture that says God changes NOT! This is the DARK SIDE of the "Good News Gospel" of Christendom. This is heresy and blasphemy of the highest magnitude!!! But it is I who am a cult?
And yet ... AND YET, theologians like Dr. Kennedy would have us believe that for the unbelieving victims of that horror, September 12th would be a million times worse than September 11th! According to Kennedy, the pain and horror of September 11 came to a quick end, but the pain and horror of September 12 is eternal and will NEVER END!!! And he is spending millions and millions of dollars teaching this garbage to the world! But if I spend three hundred a month merely quoting God's Scriptures that show the truth regarding these men's heresy, then I am a "cult" am I?

Who among you has the self-righteous audacity to tell all the children of those destroyed Jewish fathers and mothers that their mommy and daddy are being burned in the fires of hell for all eternity? Think about that, professor! Think about it long and hard, Robert! Think about it, classmates. Think about it until your brains hurt! Think about this damnable doctrine of Satan until God's spirit crushes your heart with sorrow for ever even thinking that your heavenly Father would treat His children so inhumanely and insanely with fire for all eternity!!!

Then read my letters to Kennedy and Hagee and see how clearly God's Word (yes, I said God's Word--not my opinion, not my doctrine, but GOD'S WORD) teaches that Jesus Christ really is the savior of all mankind, of the whole world. Then praise God like you've never praised God before!

GOD ONLY knows how much I hate and despise this damnable doctrine of Christendom!!! This doctrine of eternal torment is the most evil idea or concept that has ever entered the mind of Satan. There is nothing conceivable in the universe that can equal this damnable doctrine of eternal evil and suffering. One could think and meditate for a hundred years and never come up with ANYTHING that approaches the vileness of this teaching. And for NO redeeming value. It is so unbelievable that Satan could ever conceive of anything so hideous! So sick! So frighteningly disgusting! But to think that the church would embrace it and teach it as though it were Scripture is ... I don't know ... I don't have the words. This is not just a false teaching. This is the epitome, the apex, the zenith, of all BLASPHEMY!

You can say that I believe contrary to Graham, Spurgeon, or Sunday, but I guarantee you that the early church fathers did not believe in the unscriptural heresy of endless torture. Among those who saw God' greater glory in the greater hope of salvation to all are, Origen, Eusebius, St. Ambrose, St. Gregory, Didymus (of whom S. Jerome said, "Didymus surpassed all of his day [380] in knowledge of the Scriptures). "The Eastern Church of that time (fourth and fifth centuries) was permeated, from Gregory of Nyssa downwards, with the wider Hope [that of universal reconciliation]. See Spirits in Prison, Ch. iv. Also: Diodorus (378), Bishop of Tarsus, St. Chrysostom from the school of Antioch, and the list goes on and on. And many of these men read the Scriptures in their original languages long before the KJV started inserting such nonsensical incoherency as "for ever AND EVER" into its pages.

The evidence is available in both secular history and the Scriptures. Most intoxicated with the liquor of Christendom, however, have no desire to know the truth. "Indeed, beside Origen, Gregory of Nyssa also, Gregory of Nazianzus, Basil, Abrose himself, and Jerome, taught everywhere the universal restitution of things, asserting simultaneously with it, AN END OF ETERNAL PUNISHMENT."--C.B. SCHLEUTER, pref. In Erig, (Migne.) Read, Christ Triumphant By Thomas Allin.

This doctrine makes God out to be a LIAR when He said that it is His WILL to save all mankind. This doctrine makes God and our Lord out to be FAILURES in accomplishing Their wills. And far worse, this doctrine makes God out to be the most vindictive, hate-filled, evil, alien monster in the universe.

It would more than behoove each and everyone of you to study this doctrine in the light of those who have been graced to see the truth of this unscriptural teaching. The truth is available. I am not the first or only to see and understand it. It is relatively easy to see and prove that the Scriptures do NOT teach eternal torment for the unbelievers. Surely you all have enough of the spirit of God to spend a few hours settling this issue of paramount importance. And those with virtually no Scriptural knowledge who are eager and comfortable teaching this doctrine of eternal torment only display the baseness of their unmerciful and unregenerate hearts.
Not one of you has ever meditated for even five minutes on the mind-boggling enormity of suffering the torture of having one's eyes and face and arms and stomach and back and legs burned with FIRE-NEVER-ENDING INSANE TORTURE WITH FIRE! For trillions and trillions of ages without end. No, you never meditated for five minutes of the enormity of eternity. Don't even try to tell me you have ever meditated on the enormity of eternal torture. Your mind will close down after 5-10 seconds. One CANNOT continue to picture trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of quadrillions of centuries of such enormous insane torture and suffering! God is using this doctrine to show us just how LOW our opinion of our Loving, Kind, Merciful, Heavenly Father can go! We should all fall on our faces and cry in abject EMBARRASSMENT AND GUT-WRENCHING SHAME for ever believing our Great God would ever torture most of His Children in fire for eternity!!

Benny Hinn said one day on TBN that there are people who will not be saved because there is not enough money to reach everyone. He was making a plea for contributions, and idea was that if some listeners did not send money there would be people who wouldn't be reached with the gospel and would go to hell before getting saved. Now I have information that leads me to believe that Benny Hinn is an extremely wealthy man. So what does that really say in regards to what he teaches on international television. Did he not see Schindler's List? Does he not realize how many hundreds of soul could be saved if he converted some of his wealth into the printed page or radio waves? Does he really (I don't know, I am just posing the question to get us to think) believe more dollars would save a more souls?

I heard just this week that Paul and Jan Crouch are purchasing a new home for $5,000,000. Paul and Jan believe that people who aren't reached with the gospel and do not receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will be tortured in hell fire for ever. What do you think? No, of course not, I don't begrudge Paul and Jan having a nice home, a beautiful home, an extravagant home. But, seriously, one can buy such a beautiful and expensive home for $500,000 and that would leave $4,500,000 toward saving souls who their right hand man, Benny, says will be spending eternity in hell because there isn't enough money to reach everyone now!

I live in a $50,000 condo and I am most appreciative for it. I seriously don't believe that the Apostle Paul had even a $50 hut. Maybe we should all put our money were our mouths are. Can we imagine one of these multi-multi-millionaire evangelistic tycoons musing in heaven over the suffering of those in hell by saying: "Yes, and it's sad, but I don't think God ever intended for me part with my gold-gilded and emerald-encrusted trash can just so a few more thousand souls could be in heaven and not suffering the tortures of hell fire for eternity." What do you think? Or is anyone thinking at all? Do you even care?

But I'm the crazy one? I'm the religious cook? I'm THE CULT? I don't think so.

Sorry, I always get carried away a little when I contemplate the disgusting modern day horrors being taught in the name of God. Back to Christian Science ...

"Man and the universe are made in the image and likeness of the divine Mind, God, which conceives them. Mind is synonymous with Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love, Principle which means cause or origin)."

Comment: The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures use a DIFFERENT word for every one of these so who could they possibly all be the SAME? So, NO, I do not believe that, nor do I teach it.

"Man, the idea and image of God, is immortal, perfect, wholly good, untouched and untainted by evil because man expresses God.'

Comment: I don't believe that, nor do I teach it. Christendom, however, does teach that man has "immortality" in his soul and only his body is mortal. Never mind that Job said man is "mortal" or that Paul said that Christ ONLY has immortality. I wonder what part of the word "only" theologians do not understanding.

So there it is. I do not believe one aspect of the Christian Science premise--NOT ONE! And yet your professor says that my doctrine "GOES ALONG with Christian Science." I don't think that is a fair comparison. I don't believe everyone in your class will think so either.

Next you say, "He [your professor] uses your material on power point slide presentation to show the manner people go completely off the scriptures by criticizing men of the gospel." That statement is completely off the mark. First of all I do not criticize these men. I expose their unscriptural and heretical teachings. There is a big different you know.

I am positive that the theologians of Christ's day called "foul" when Jesus said:

"But woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! ... Ye fools and blind ... full of extortion and excess ... whited sepulchres ... Ye serpents, ye generation of snakes..."

I can just hear the chatter in the market place, "Oh, Sally, how can that man attack and criticize our wonderful religious leaders that way? If he were a man of God like he claims, he would never talk that way about our beloved teachers of God's law! Why he breaks God's law, he heals on God's Sabbath, his disciples pluck corn on the Sabbath, they don't even fast, and they are worse than the French who don't even wash! He must be one of those false prophets and cults we have always been warned about. I cast my vote to have him crucified!"
On the last page of my letter to Dr. Kennedy I explain what I am doing in critiquing his sermon and why I am doing it. I explain what Paul instructed regarding "exposure, rebuke, and entreaty." How could anything be clearer? Numerous times in my letters I remark that I have nothing against these men, nor am I attacking their character or any such thing. Your professor's assessment of what I am doing in my letters to TBN is wrong! Any honest reader can clearly see that I deal with teachings, doctrines, and issues, not people, character, and personalities.

Even more disturbing (not disturbing to ME, I expect such things, but I hate it when people like your classmates are swept away by such spurious arguments) is the statement that he uses my material to " ...show the manner people [like me] go completely off the Scriptures..."

I use somewhere between one and two thousand Scriptural references in my paper and you say that I go "completely off the Scriptures" and rather just criticize these men of the Gospel. How could anyone read my paper and believe such a fantastic thing? One doesn't need to believe what I write, but one doesn't need to lie about what I write either.

Your professor says that

  1. I am a cult
  2. My doctrines go along with cult leaders
  3. I criticize men of the gospel
  4. I get completely off the Scriptures
  5. My doctrine is contrary to Jesus Christ
  6. My doctrine is contrary to the Scriptures

Look at that list. Your professor is criticizing me. He isn't showing how specific doctrines I teach are wrong. He isn't showing where my doctrines are contrary to Jesus Christ. He hasn't used one Scripture in your correspondence with me in his criticism of me. Excuse me, but isn't he doing to me exactly what he is falsely accusing me of doing? There's a word for this double standard--it's called hypocrisy!

You can try to associate me with infamous cult leaders, you can say that my teachings go against the Scriptures and against Jesus Christ, you can belittle the fact that I don't parrot the pillars of apostasy in the great "Who's Who" of Protestantism, you can make great sport of me in front of your class. You can do a lot of things, but YOU CAN'T SCRIPTURALLY DISPROVE THE TEACHINGS ON MY WEB-SITE! And furthermore, I think you know that you can't.

Now to your last question. I don't mean to fault your grammar, Robert (it was never my forte either), but I am not a hundred percent sure I understand the question. You asked: "He [your professor] asked me to ask you if you have reached the Gospel as these men on the Internet that you criticize. Or if you have led these many as they to the Lord."

Okay, let me try to answer. Again I will contend that I don't criticize the "men," but rather their heretical teachings and doctrines. Now, do I reach as many people with the gospel as Dr. Kennedy and Pastor Hagee? Is that the question? I do not have million and million and millions of dollars to buy air time as these men do nor would ever I use their fraudulent chicanery in acquiring such money. And, I have had my material on the Internet one year. My webmaster foots the bill for our site--a few hundred dollars a month.

The real question here is, "Do these men reach ANYONE with the real gospel? I'm not sure any of their listeners have ever heard the REAL gospel--the REAL GOOD NEWS! They certainly reach people with some knowledge of Jesus Christ even if it is a highly distorted view of His saviourhood--for that I am thankful. At least they are hearing something and undoubtedly some lives are changed for the better. This, however, does not justify teaching heresy along with a little truth.

I am not faulting these men for any good that they do. In the same way, I don't fault my daughter for doing good, but I do correct her for doing bad. And let me tell you with God as my Judge, that telling the world that God will NOT save most of humanity, but that He WILL torture most of humanity in fire for ever , is bad ... very, very ... BAD! That is NOT the good news of the Gospel! I am simply following the admonition of our Apostle Paul to

"expose those who contradict." (Titus 1:9, Concordant Literal New Testament).

They both gave sermons on monumental topics and contradicted the Scriptures flagrantly. I pointed out these contradiction in great detail for the benefit the many people who have never heard the whole truth regarding God's love for His children.

So "How many people have I reached in one year on my site with the gospel?" I don't know. How many have I reached in my life? I don't know. Two or three hundred [in 2001] people a day come to my web-site and only about 2% e-mail me back. The e-mails are about three to one favorable. It is childish to sit around trying to count how many people we reach. How many did you reach in the last year? I believe we should teach the TRUTH of God's Word and leave the numbers up to God.

Well, it's been great fun (except talking about your eternal torment doctrine--that is never fun), but I need to be about my other business, seeing as I work full-time and am self-supporting. As I said, there are many ways that you can try to discredit what I teach. We have seen six examples of that in your e-mail. But there is one way in which you absolutely CANNOT discredit my teachings, and that is by using the Scriptures. I am going to propose something. I don't normally do silly things like this, but then again I don't normally get silly e-mails like yours either.

I propose that your professor go through my material on my web-site and prove it wrong using the Scriptures of God's Word. Point by point; page by page. I will then donate $100 to your college. No he doesn't actually have to prove me wrong. All he has to do is just TRY to prove what I say is wrong.Just "try" to prove me wrong point by point, page by page, and the hundred dollars is yours. I don't think it wise to hold my breath. Maybe a hundred dollars is not enough? One word of caution, however, he had better do his Scriptural homework thoroughly in his rebuttal of my material, because I will then publicly critique his rebuttal!

If nothing else, I pray to God that He will open your eyes to the truth that Jesus Christ really is the savior of the whole world and that death and hell [hades] will be abolished in the lake of fire.

You see, I know for a fact that Billy Graham, James Kennedy, and all of you and your professor will be saved, it's just sad that not all of you believe that people like me will be saved. A man e-mailed me this week who read my material and said that I am hopelessly lost! Not just lost, but "HOPELESSLY" lost. And the person who told me this claims to be a "Christian man." All I will say is,

"Expose those who contradict" (Jude 1:9),


"Judge NOT (Mat. 7:1)!" Our God is PERFECT.

Jesus Christ is PERFECT. God's plan is PERFECT. The consummation of God's purpose will be PERFECT. How could anyone ever believe that God would fail at accomplishing HIS OWN WILL? Talk about a lack of faith! God be with you, Robert, your professor, your class, and your school as you all yield to His will and study to show yourselves approved.

Sincerely and humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, The Savior of the whole world,


PS If you professor chooses not to read this e-mail to the whole class, I can mail copies to the whole college and post it on my web site.