This site is a ministry of love. We charge for nothing, we have nothing to sell, and we ask for nothing.  All we at bibletruths have full-time jobs to support both our families and this site.

This site requires many man hours and thousands of dollars to operate and promote annually. It is FREE to all. Our goal is to teach the Truths of God as He has given us understanding.

There is, however, a two-fold commission in teaching the Gospel of Christ:

...that he [the elders] may be able to [1] entreat with sound teaching as well as to [2] expose those who contradict" (Titus 1:9, Concordant NT).

Unfortunately, many are offended that we would "expose those who contradict" God's Word  They accuse us of being unloving, unkind, or bad-mouthing God's anointed. Untrue. Nowhere do we attack the person or character of those who oppose God's Word. So please don't confuse our mission of "exposing" as an "attack" on the character of a person who contradicts God's Word.

May God richly bless all those who have a real love of the Truth!

L. Ray Smith