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Author Topic: FINALLY! Some answers about Grayson!!  (Read 1205 times)

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FINALLY! Some answers about Grayson!!
« on: May 21, 2009, 06:29:26 PM »

Hi everyone!
First off thank you all so much for keeping Grayson in prayer!
He had his appointment at the neurologist this morning. What an eye opener, and this doctor was a Godsend for our family. My daughter-in-law has been so distraught over things that have been going on with him. She thought she was losing her mind and she thought she has been seeing things in him that the rest of us haven't seen so she thought something terrible was going on!

First: They did an EEG which has NEVER been done on him on any of his visits to the neurosurgeon!
The results showed that his brain activity is a little scattered and erratic...

Second: Everything that they have been reporting to the neurosurgeon in Birmingham is definitely related to the tumor or the surgery to remove it! (The neurosurgeon told them Monday that  None of it was related!!) ???

Third: After the EEG the doctor said he is possibly having "partial complex seizures". The doctor in Birmingham said "this type of tumor doesn't cause seizures!" This doctor said, "He had brain surgery! Any trauma to the brain can cause seizures!"

Is there good news in all of this? MOST DEFINITELY!! And here it is:
First of all the tumor which was removed last October lay in the 4th ventricle of his brain and there is a major nerve that runs through that ventricle. THAT nerve was damaged, either by the tumor itself or by the surgery to remove it. The damaged nerve fibers haven't healed completely, it can take up to 2 years to heal. (No one told them!)

The doctor told my daughter-in-law that his balance problems are caused by his inability to completely control the left side of his body! In Birmingham they told them he wasn't HAVING any problems like that!  ??? He gave her suggestions to help him strengthen the left side of his body.
He has been wearing a patch on his right eye 4 hours a day for months now to strengthen his left eye which crosses and goes haywire! The doctor said it's because the damaged nerve fibers are not letting the signal get from his brain to the eye muscle! and he will likely have to have surgery to correct that. That probably won't clear up with time. :(

The rest of it...The doctor says that he wants to give him a small dose of seizure medication to see if this will bridge to gap until full healing occurs...that is a little risky, but they are praying for answers..
SO! Now we know that this little dude is definitely having issues related to the tumor, but he WILL heal and that we have known from the beginning because God is in control!
You guys have been so faithful to pray with me over this little munchkin, I want you to know that it is appreciated! He will grow to be a strong man of God and what a testimony he will have to the goodness and faithfulness of his Heavenly Father!!
I will let you know his progress and I will let him know as he grows older that all of you have had a part in praying for his healing!!
I love you guys!!
Kathy :-* ;D



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Re: FINALLY! Some answers about Grayson!!
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2009, 07:57:37 PM »

             What a difference a doctor can make,huh!?     Kathy that is tremendous good news.
             I was about to write you and ask if you ever watch the TV program The Doctors?   It's where 4 doctors show differant medical procedures, people ask questions and get answers,etc. Today they mentioned that some TVs and games for TV can cause seizures. The flickering of the screen can bring on seizures for some people.      Now, though you know what's going on with Grey and Praise God for revealing this to your family.
              luv & hugs,meee


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Re: FINALLY! Some answers about Grayson!!
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2009, 09:05:48 PM »

So, happy you all have found some answers. I will keep him in my prayers and all of you.

In His Love,


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Re: FINALLY! Some answers about Grayson!!
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2009, 01:13:31 AM »

hi kathy,
i just finished reading my personal emails and read the update on grayson's caringbridge page. your daughter-in-law was saying that she prayed before going to see the pediatric neurosurgeon, that God would work through the dr. so that he could explain what he found, in easy to understand words. after meeting the dr. whom she said asked questions that none of the other docs asked, she said that everything he told them was easy to understand and that she praised God for working through this doc. your son and his family are most definitely prayer warriors. their circumstances with gray have caused them to come to the very throne of God's grace and mercy. they have ALWAYS given the praise to God.  they have also brought the needs of several other children into their daily prayers. God has worked through you to bring these children and their families to our attention, to remind ALL of us that HE orchestrates each and everyone of our lives. He is worthy of our praise and our reverence. now, go play with your little munchkin and give him a big hug and kiss of us.

love in Christ,
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