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Author Topic: Baptism of the Holy Spirit  (Read 6393 times)

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Baptism of the Holy Spirit
« on: May 27, 2009, 11:03:09 PM »

Ray,  I want to thank you for the freedom that my wife and I feel regarding the truth of God's word that God has so graciously open to you and has allowed you to share with many. We have studied your lake of fire series and continue to read and re-read it for the building of our foundation in God's word. We also study Ernest L. Martin's material and find that it also benefits us spiritually although some of his studies seem to be more to the physical aspects? rather than the spiritual, but I do feel it is good for building a good foundation (not one like Christendom attempts).
I have recently began listening to the bible study audio's and that creates a sense of closeness and opens many more truths as God allows my eyes to see and ears to hear. Bible study audios along with the forum (can't find alot of time to post) has allowed much needed fellowship.
My 30 year old daughter has began seeing and hearing recently some truths (especially truths regarding tithing according to your paper and Ernest L Martins book), however her husband has been adamantly opposed, he stills beleives in the prosperity teachings so prevalent in Christendom. My son in law studies hard to prove or try and tear down the truths she is learning, however the recent bible study Foundational Truths has been helpful in beginning to establish deep roots.
This brings me to a question I would like to ask, he (son in law) made the comment that he could not beleive any of it because he didn't beleive you had the Spirit of God or as he put it the Baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT??????? What would your answer to him be if he would ask that question to you?
I beleive he has emailed you on occasion on other issues, but I got the impression he couldn't receive the truth of the response??
If you have time I would like your comments on Ernest L Martin and especially how you would answer my son in law.
Thank you so much for sharing, teaching and reproving by the the Word of God's Holy scriptures.
Your Brother In Christ
Larry --

Dear Larry:  Thank you for your email and comments.  Dr. Martin was a friend of mine, however, I do not agree with much of

his theology.  As for the "baptism of the Holy Spirit," I am afraid that Pentecostals have not a clue as to what the one occasion in

which this is mentioned means.  It is no different than to be "filled with the Holy Spirit."  "Baptize" means to immerse, or cover

completely. Notice that John said Jesus would baptize in Holy Spirit "...AND fire."  Fire means trials and testing.  If anyone

wants to doubt that I live a life with God's Holy Spirit dominating all that I think and do, and that God is testing and trying me

in the fire, then let it be so, but their judgment will be on their own heads.

God be with you,

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