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Author Topic: Origin of mankind  (Read 6805 times)

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Origin of mankind
« on: June 14, 2009, 10:01:07 AM »

Was adam & eve the first and only two people on earth in the beginning or were there other people too?

Dear Maureen:  I'm afraid your question is not clear.  What do you mean by "in the beginning?"  At any

point in time if there are "other people" in the world, it CANNOT be "the beginning."  If you mean: "Were

Adam and Eve the first and only humans on the earth at the end of the creation day [period] six," then I

would answer, "No."  Humankind appears to go back tens of thousands of years further than the six

thousand or so years of genealogy attributed to Adam in the book of Genesis.  Before Adam there was

"no man TO TILL the soil," not that there was "no man" period.  Did Cain marry someone other than his

own sister?  Who was Cain afraid would kill him before there were any other named humans on earth

besides his parents? Etc.   Listen to my tapes on this subject from the Nashville Conference.

God be with you,

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