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Author Topic: Part 14  (Read 2329 times)

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Part 14
« on: June 08, 2006, 10:36:16 PM »

hi ray,
i just finished studying part 14 of your lake of fire series, and on page 24 of that installment you ask your readers to drop you an email to let you know if we are beginning to have ears to hear and eyes to see.  God is indeed showing me the grand and marvelous wisdom of it all.  so much so that i can hardly contain what i have been studying and learning.  i have spoken to my momma on a couple of occasions, regarding the matter of hell being spiritual refining and NOT literal fire burning literal bodies, and also about tithing.  my momma and daddy (he is now deceased) were my original examples of having a love for God's written Word, and a true love relationship with Jesus, so i find myself wanting momma to know in her spirit what God is showing me.  i don't want her to leave this earth (like daddy did almost 2 yrs. ago) not understanding the Truth of God's Word.  momma listens to what i have to say, but, with regards to hell she says that there is nothing i can say that will make her change her mind that "if you aren't a christian when you die that you will spend eternity burning in the fire of hell".  i know in truth that ONLY God can open my momma's eyes and ears to His Truth, but because of my deep relationship with my momma, my heart yearns to the point of tears that momma doesn't yet see, and indeed, doesn't believe that what i am learning is His inspired Truth to you.  anyway, i get so excited after finishing each installment of your series.  it is like great burdens of confusion are being lifted off my shoulders.  i look forward to installment 15.
claudia wood
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