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Author Topic: Saved  (Read 5445 times)

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« on: June 09, 2006, 10:15:51 AM »

L Ray,
Just a question and a comment
I just got done paging through your long deal on the punishment of hell,
and how you believe that it is not real. The big problem i find with this, is
that you quote a ton of OT scripture, yet you tend to shy away from the
NT, i have no idea why that is, but you also have to remem ber why we deserve death, and that is being disobedient to God, in other words sin.

My question is question to you is how do you attain salvation, and what
happens then to those who do not attain salvation?

In Christ,
Youth Pastor

Dear Josh:
All humanity WILL be saved, but no one will be saved the way that
Christendom teaches. Too big a subject for an email. Just keep reading my site. For starters, you might read "The Sinner's Prayer:" near the end of my paper "YOU FOOLS; YOU HYPOCRITES; YOU SNAKES" found at the top of our home page.

God be with you,

Mr. Smith
So you don't think anyone is going to hell, is that right, cause if you are
a true Bible teacher then you would know that the Bible clearly teaches that not everyone is going to have salvation, and not everyone is going to hell, what about Matthew 11:23-24, when Jesus himself was telling the people at Capernaum that when the day of judgement comes, it is gonna be bad for them, because of what they have done, and you really didn't answer my question either, you just went around it, and salvation is not complicated the way that Christianity teaches it. Having Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior of your life, and have Him workin in your heart, admitting that you are a sinner and that you cannot do anything without Him. And i can understand that you don't want to talk about it in an email cause it would take you all day to write it, and it would take me all day to read it, but honestly i am seeing some inconsistencies with your work.

 In Christ,
 Youth Pastor

Dear Josh:

You have not a clue as to what "inconsistencies" you see in my writings. Let's cut out all the verbage and garbage and get down to it.

QUOTE ONE STATEMENT of mine from any of my many papers.

QUOTE TWO SCRIPTURES that disprove what my quote says.

Fair enough?  I will now hold my breath, because you WILL NOT do what I have asked above, because you CANNOT do what I have ask you above.  So don't be talking to me like I am some kind of a fool, when you can't find ONE STATEMENT of mine that is unscriptural.  A "quoted statement," not a paraphrased assumption.  I will now hold my breath.......................................

God be with you,
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