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Author Topic: Porn?  (Read 6253 times)

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« on: June 09, 2006, 10:22:00 AM »

Hey Ray,
> Just want to say first off that I love your work and
> see nothing wrong with it from where I sit. In fact I
> just got over a two week stretch of depression brought
> on by a unhealthy obsession with hell and cycling
> thoughts about ending up there because I didn't make
> the cut.
> Now I got a pretty stupid question to ask. Lately I
> strived to become a better christian and in doing so I
> have givin up alot of things I throughly enjoyed in
> the past for fear of it keeping me from salvation.
> Anyway one of these things just happens to something
> that has become quite common on the internet and
> nearly unavoidable. That is of course happens to be
> porn, now my fellow christians told me that to make a
> true dedication to change I need to give it up and I
> admit I find the temptation is great and worry that I
> may give in sooner or later. What I was wondering is
> weither I should be really worried about this?
> Nother question, how can you be so sure that what you
> are writting is correct I mean can't there even be a
> chance that you maybe wrong?
> Thanks for your time and I look forward to further
> reading articles on your site.
> sincerly,
> David

Dear David:

You will give up pornography when watching it makes you more miserable than NOT watching it.  I quote thousands and thousands of Scriptures to back up everything that I teach. Now then, is there a "chance" that all of those Scriptures are wrong?  NO!!!

God be with you,

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