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Author Topic: TheWord  (Read 1620 times)

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« on: July 15, 2009, 07:49:55 AM »

Let me say that when I came upon Rays' teachings  i read for several days and fell on my face and thank God for the Word.  With all respect to the ones that have gone on and many had  this had not been the first time i read or hear this  Gospel being preached.  When I was 18 many years ago, many many years ago.  I lived in a Christian community house with 30 other people about my age.  We were supported by a group of elders that broke off another denominational church. Most work too.  Friday nights was our young peoples meeting night and many were there singing and worshiping the Lord.  It  was good.  It was very progressive for the time.  The church meetings, if you could call it such was on Sunday with the elders and who else wanted to be there including us at , the Shepard's Tent.  That was the name of this home.  It grew to more house and  other things happen.  Now many of the elders are dead some moved away but are very older.  The Word taught there was this Word.  Not all of it  but a lot.  I am telling you this to let you know as a witness.  God is bring this forth.  This was in 1970's.  The house is still there one of the young elders lives there with his family.  We are good friends.  peggy
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