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Author Topic: Conference  (Read 2038 times)

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« on: October 23, 2009, 11:57:23 AM »

Dear Ray,

Not all of us who would like to come, can attend the coming
conference. I'd like to ask if it would be possible to record the
lectures (sound and/or video). I think, our personal relationship
with God is the most important topic one can discuss, and yet there
doesn't seem to be, in my opinion, enough attention given to it by
any church I have attended. Even if there is something said on this
topic, it often comes across as a 'theoretical' possibility of growth
and not as a personal experience of the speaker. The words, 'ever
learning, but never knowing' come to mind to describe the feeling it
leaves in listeners.

I found your website only yesterday, but since I share your passion
for God and Christ, I am very keen to see everything you have
discovered in the Word of God so far. I am saving everything I don't
have time for right now, to my computer for later in-depth study.

May our God be with you in everything and keep you strong,


Note 1 :
In the 'Tithing' article you seem to be mixing in your references the
1st, 2nd and 3rd tithe. Some may see it as a factor weakening the
'evidence'. I've been thinking along the same lines, but as far as I
know, all tithes had a completely different purpose. Putting all
tithes together may come across a little bit as 'trying too hard' to
find evidence disproving tithing.
Note 2 :
I cannot find any reference to the 10 Commandments on your website.
Is it a topic you are concerned with at all?

Dear Renat: I am sorry that more people can't attend our Bible Conferences, but we do video

tape them and make them available to fiew on our Forum, the link for which is found at the

bottom of our home page.

As for my teaching on tithing, I don't believe one needs to "try too hard" at all to see the truth

regarding this damnable doctrine of heresy as taught by the Church today.  It was necessary

to show that a second tithe, for example, was to be saved and used by the tither for the tither,

the widows, fatherless, poor, strangers, etc., rather than strictly for the priests.  That is no

"trying too hard," but rather presenting the Scriptural truths regarding this subject.

Regarding my teachings on the ten commandments:  I probably stress obedience to the

Commandments of God more than anyone I have ever known.  And there are more than

just ten commandments, although I know what you mean when you reference the "ten"

mentioned in Scripture.  You might read my Installment D-3 on HELL:  "The Sermon on the

Mount is for YOU" found in my "Lake of Fire" series.  It contains a great deal of spiritual

teaching regarding the Ten Commandments.

I pray that God will continue to lead you into all Truth.

God be with you,

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