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Author Topic: The Dragon  (Read 1315 times)

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The Dragon
« on: November 20, 2009, 12:06:24 AM »

Who and what was Revelation referring to when it speaks of the Dragon that took a third of the stars of heaven with him when he was cast down to the earth and there was a war in heaven ?


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Re: The Dragon
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 12:33:06 AM »

Who and what was Revelation referring to when it speaks of the Dragon that took a third of the stars of heaven with him when he was cast down to the earth and there was a war in heaven ?

Email reply from Ray (,3212.msg23904.html#msg23904):

Dear Matthew:   I will comment.........

> Greetings Sir,
> Matthew, Milwaukee, WI.
> I have read the marjority of your work about 3 times, and certain parts I agree
> with, and others I'm still thinking about.

COMMENT:  I'm still thinking about the parts that I do agree with.

> Just two questions, are you able to present a relatively comprehensive work on
> the book of Revelation,

COMMENT:  Not today. But I may take it on in the future after I finish
what I believe to be far more important work, as for example, my "Lake
of Fire" series.

and within that book, can you explain the "war in
> heaven", since the bible tells us that we will be judging angels.

COMMENT:  This "war in heaven" has little to do with "judging angels."
When one believes that the statements in Revelation are literal, and that they
are in chronological order, that person's understanding will be about zero.  There
are many surprises in Revelation when we follow the instruction of understanding
that God gives us in the Scriptures. As long as we REFUSE to believe and obey
God's instruction, our spiritual understanding will be near zero.
Listen carefully:  This "war in heaven" is NOT LITERAL; it does not take place
in OUTER SPACE; it does not happen IN THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD; it does
not take place chronologically AFTER the wonder of a woman in Rev. 12:1, but BEFORE
the beast comes up out of the sea in 13:1; it does not interpret itself within its own verse; it
is explained by OTHER Scripture; it is a SYMBOL; and it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which is the "spirit of prophecy"(19:10) and therefore is the "WORDS OF SPIRIT" of Jesus (John 6:63) for which we also need a SECOND WITNESS, etc., etc., etc.
If Revelation is a literal account of the events to happen in chronological order, then read a book by Hal Lindsey or Paul Crouch and you will understand the Book of Revelation--surely I josh!

> I will begin reading your newest work, and perhaps these answers will be there.
> Your command of Greek and Hebrew is indeed impressive.

COMMENT:  Actually I possess no such "command" of either. But following the spiritual
instructions of Scripture will go a long way in understanding things that the greatest theologians
and Greek and Hebrew Scholars in the world have not a clue about.
God be with you, Matthew, until I have the time to get into this book,

> Please be "gentle" with those who have been surprised by your intelliect, they
> have indeed been led astray.
> Matthew

Email reply from Ray (,3224.msg24015.html#msg24015):

Dear Brian:

I get asked to explain the entire book of Revelation all the time--one Scripture, one doctrine, one question, one email at a time. I can't do it. It would take all my time for years. It would be like composing my "Lake of Fire" series in thousands and thousands of emails. This is not the way to do it. Suffice it to say, that if the Church teaches it, it is most likely wrong. I assure you that there is not now, nor has there ever been A WAR IN THE THRONE ROOM OF ALMIGHTY GOD.  This kind of nonsense only happens on Star Trek and in the minds of Christian theologians.  One day I may write a commentary (verse by verse) through Revelation, but not today. I have more on my plate than I can handle, and I am still forced to find means of supporting my family even though I have retired from roofing. Revelation and Daniel are not subjects for thousands of emails.  I receive at least five to ten emails daily that would take one to two weeks to answer. And I receive tens of thousands of emails. Hope you understand.

God be with you,


Welcome to the forum Gallenwalsh,

Take some time to read over the material on the site and the bible study & conferences here on the forum. Most of your questions have been answered a couple times over, but you may not realize it. Let us know AFTER reading if you still can't find certain doctrinal issues within Ray's teachings. Thanks

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