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Author Topic: Please Help?  (Read 3141 times)

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Please Help?
« on: November 21, 2009, 11:08:34 AM »

People keep telling me Jesus wasn't the first messiah and that there
were other messiahs during his time that performed the same miracles
he did?

Dear Matthew:  Some of your questions have short answers, but then again so do the over

TWO THOUSAND unanswered emails I have ahead of yous.  It says in Matthew 3:17 that

"a voice" was heard.  It was neither the Father nor Jesus' voice, but rather "a" voice.  As

for your present question regarding false messiahs, it is not possible to write you an essay

type answer to such an involved subject in an email. Seriously Matthew:  I am battling stage

IV terminal prostate and bone cancer;  I just spent the last couple of months working on my

Conference lectures, and I have thousands of emails ahead of yours. It just isn't possible.

There is no one else to assist me in answering questions such as your present one.  I don't

even have a secretary let alone anyone skilled in answering such technical questions as yours.

I try to put in at least ten hours a day on my site, but I can't catch us.  And if it weren't for such

generous people helping me with my cancer protocol expenses, I would have to get another job

to keep my head above water. 


Most of your questions have answers already posted on our site or Forum.  Also, since you

don't know the answer to yours questions, you should not be engaging others in such discussions

in which you are ill-prepared to give them a truthful and satisfactory answer.  Such subjects

require years of study and research, so you will only be able to answer back with the few words I

would give you in an e-mail.  You would not be able to take the ball and run with it when the topic

changed directions or they would throw you another curve ball, and you will once more strike out.

Also when you do answer them, THEY WILL COME UP WITH ANOTHER PROBLEM, and you

will have to come to me again for assistance.  After several exchanges, you will look like

you don't understand what you are trying to convince them of, and you will look foolish in their eyes.

There are hundreds of people out there who wish for me to fight their spiritual battles with their

friends, relatives, pastors, etc.  It is just not physically possible in my present condition.  I am not well.

Regardless of how good people think I "look," I AM NOT WELL.

Don't be discouraged.  You need to study to "show yourself approved [Gk: qualified]" before you

take it upon yourself to teach others (especially antagonists).   Too many people want to be teachers

before they are even good students.  Hope you understand.

God be with you,



PS   NO, there were not other messiahs who performed the same miracles as Jesus did. That's absurd.

There is no such historical evidence for such a claim.  Sorry, but I don't have the time to go into detail.

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