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Author Topic: Cheerful Giver  (Read 3597 times)

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Cheerful Giver
« on: November 21, 2009, 11:09:13 AM »

Dear Ray,

   You have changed my life in ways words can't describe and my wish
is to give people the same chance to learn God's truths.
I'm just 21 turning 22 very soon and I do have a lot of debts to
handle but that is not going to stop me from giving you a donation to
support the bible truths website. If you would please give me your
address I am going to send you $100 every month. When I am able to
get out of some of the debts I have I hope to send more every month
but for now I want to send at least $100.

   Also, if you could send me as many bible truth business cards as
you can I would be glad to give it out to people who I think would
have some
interest in learning God's truths. I had a crazy idea to leave it on
peoples cars while they were in church but I'm not too sure if that
would be too risky,
what do you think? Anyway, I will try to reach as many people as I
can. My address is 1 civic center drive apt# 20 east brunswick, nj,

God loves a cheerful giver and I want to be in God's service. Thank
you for revealing God's truths to so many people and I hope I am able
to take part in
helping people come to the Lord.

God bless all your efforts,


That is very generous of you Matthew. And I know that others are also giving beyond

what is comfortable for them.  Many have little money and many debts.  $100 a month

is a lot of money. That's 20,000 widow's mites or 10,000 pennies.  I would suggest

giving an amount that will not take away from paying necessary bills and debts.

Maybe in your case that would be $50 or $25.  If God blesses your effort, then you

can always increase your gift accordingly.  I do not want to "ask" anyone for any money.

But for those who really desire to share the financial burden of this ministry, we welcome

your generousity and service.  God never asked any widow to contribute her entire living

into the temple treasury.  But let's not fail to see how Jesus was so moved by her sacrifice

that His acknowledgement of it has been printed in countless millions of Bibles down

through the centuries!  This example of sacrifice and generousity is in the Bible for a reason.

God be with you, Matthew,

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