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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 4975 times)

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« on: June 15, 2006, 09:58:01 AM »

This is Jesus speaking in Matthew 23:23,( Woe to you, scribes and phar'i-sees!, hypocrites! for you PAY TITHES of mint and anise and cummin, and have NEGLECTED the weightier matters of the LAW: THESE YOU OUGHT TO HAVE DONE, without leaving the others undone.)

..Jesus was saying that you should have done the tithing, but you should not have forgotten about the law of love. Nobody told me to tithe, when I first got saved, the Holy spirit taught me to and I have been blessed ever since. Author: Lori Jacobs
Author of the book Purify Body and Soul found on Amazon books

DEUTERONOMY 5: 19, Do not steal.

EPHESIANS 4:27-28, Don’t give the Devil a chance. 28) The man who used to rob must stop robbing and start working, in order to earn an honest living for himself and to be able to help the poor.

MATTHEW 5:17-18, “Do not think that I have come to do away with the Law of Moses and the TEACHINGS of the PROPHETS . I HAVE NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THEM, BUT TO MAKE THEIR TEACHINGS COME TRUE . 18)Remember that as long as Heaven and Earth last, NOT THE LEAST POINT NOR THE SMALLEST DETAIL OF THE LAW WILL BE DONE AWAY WITH- -NOT UNTIL THE END OF ALL THINGS.

MALACHI 3:6-12, “I AM THE Lord, and I DO NOT CHANGE. And so you, descendants of Jacob, are not yet completely lost. 7) You, like your ancestors before you, have turned away from my LAWS and have not kept them. Turn back to me, and I will turn to you. But you ask, ‘what must we do to turn back to you?’ 8) I ask is it right for a person to Rob God? Of course not, yet you are ROBBING ME. ‘How?’ you ask. In the matter of TITHES and OFFERINGS. 9) A CURSE IS ON ALL OF YOU because the whole Nation is ROBBING ME. 10) BRING THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR TITHES TO THE TEMPLE so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to the TEST and you will see that I will OPEN THE WINDOWS OF HEAVEN and POUR OUT ON YOU in ABUN DANCE ALL KINDS OF GOOD THINGS. 11) I will not let insects destroy your crops, and your grapevines will be loaded with grapes. 12) Then the people of all nations will call you happy, because your land will be a good place to live.
DEUTERONOMY 12:11-14, The LORD WILL CHOOSE a single place where He is to be Worshiped, and THERE YOU MUST BRING TO HIM EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE COMMANDED: your sacrifices that are to be burned and your OTHER SACRIFICES, your TITHES and YOUR OFFERINGS, and those SPECIAL GIFTS THAT YOU HAVE PROMISED to the LORD. 12) Be joyful there in HIS PRESENCE, TOGETHER WITH YOUR CHILDREN, your servants and the Levites who live in your towns; remember that the Levites will have no land of their own. 13) You are NOT TO OFFER YOUR SACRIFICES WHEREVER YOU CHOOSE; 14) You must offer them ONLY in the ONE PLACE THAT THE LORD WILL CHOOSE in the TERRITORY of ONE OF YOUR TRIBES. ONLY THERE ARE YOU TO OFFER YOUR SACRIFICES that are to be burned and DO ALL THAT I HAVE COMMANDED Y OU.
Note: Many don’t realize why they struggle so much financially and Never seem to get ahead. We all go through trials and testing but in the long run; does the Lord come through? If he isn’t you might want to ask yourself; ‘Am I robbing God?’ ‘Have I been Faithful to give in OFFERINGS also. Tithe is a requirement by God. We owe that to God. If you haven’t given anything above your TITHES you haven’t given anything to God. When you pay your bills, do you consider that paying what you owe, or giving it away? God also said in Malachai that we are ROBBING HIM IN TITHES and OFFERINGS. We should be sacrificing also for the work of God. How long has it been since you GAVE something to God? Not counting what you owe. Than there is the issue in Deuteronomy about God CHOOSING where we are to Go to Worship Him. Not where we choose, but prayerfully seeking God for His direction, and not worshiping out of our own Tribe. You could be TITHEING and GIVING IN OFFERINGS, IN VAIN if you are NOT BRINGING THEM TO THE PLACE OF WORSHIP THAT GOD HAS SPOKEN TO YOU ABOUT. If you are not obedient to the Lord you are wasting your offering to the wind. I pray that each and everyone of you that reads this sermon will prayerfully go to God and SEEK HIS WILL FOR YOUR LIFE AND PLACE OF WORSHIP. May God Bless you All as you walk in OBEDIENCE to HIM.
Author: Lori Jacobs
Author of the book Purify Body and Soul found on Amazon books
I hope this clarifies things. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Lori Jacobs

Dear Lori:
NO, Lori, Jesus did NOT say that "WE" should tithe, now did He?  NO HE DIDN'T.  He said that those two-faced lying hypocritical snakes and whited sepluchres called Scribes and Pharisees SHOULD TITHE seeing that they were not part of the Church that Jesus built, but were followers of Judaism under the OLD COVENANT LAW OF MOSES--which law was CHANGED (Heb. 7:12) for those who follow Jesus Christ in this Regeneration.
Maybe you would do well to do a little research before you write books on topics you know nothing about.  Christ's true ministers have freely received and therefore freely give. At we will accept no tithes from anyone.  If people "tithe" to us, we send it back.
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