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Author Topic: A Blog confessional  (Read 1896 times)

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A Blog confessional
« on: December 11, 2009, 03:45:47 PM »

I found this, just being bored, surfing the internet and thought id post it.  This may be one you guys here [will you confess? ;D].   Anyway i got this from some blog or something that was about Ray.  It seems this person had just "stumbled" upon on to Rays writings and was just coming towards the truth.  This made me smile and thank God our Father through Jesus for working through Ray to help bring us to the Truth.  Hopefully whoever this was is here still with us today.  Enjoy.

Anonymous said...
I have not seen anybody prove Ray Smith wrong in his teachings. And for those who say that the trinity is a central biblical belief, please show me scriptures of this teaching. For the person who used the scripture about angels being cast into hell to wait for judgment, wouldn't "hell" have to be THE JUDGMENT according to your unscriptural "eternal hell" doctrine"? Uhhhhhh! If God teaches us to not hate our enemies, not to curse them, but to pray and forgive them, wouldn't the "eternal hell" issue make Him a hypocrite? Are we greater than God? Did we decide on our own that we should get saved or was it the Holy Spirit? So, then why do we condemn those who have not yet come to Christ? To see people burning in hell forever: Is that more satisfying to us or to God? If earthly parents punish their children, will it last forever? NOOOO! It lasts UNTIL THEY LEARN TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT. So then, who is more loving, our earthly parents or God? Judgments of God in every form possible were intended to let all people LEARN TO DO RIGHT(See Isaiah 26:9). The lake of fire is judgment, not eternal torture, UNTIL the stubborn ones learn. Why add brimstone to fire if the fire is already scorching people as you all claim. Ask any Greek or any scholar of brimstone: Brimstone is a PURIFYING AGENT. What needs to be purified? The reason why most of you cannot answer thius question is because in the beginning of the SPIRITUAL, SYMBOLIC book of Revelation from start to finish, Christ tells us that it is only,"those who have (spirtual) ears" that will "HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS TO THE CHURCHES". Everything in Revelation is a symbolism to a spiritual truth. In Rev.20:14, why is DEATH and HELL cast into this lake of fire? Hmmm, well, well, well, so the lake of fire is NOT HELL as we see. All these are cast into the lake of fire and BRIMSTONE with the rest of the unbelievers to be chastened and then PURIFIED including Satan and his crew, believe it or not. Does God look at the outside of a person? NOOOOO. He focuses on the INSIDE(Rev.2:23, I Samuel 16:7,Matthew 15:18,19, 1 Corinthians 4:5). Once the inside is thoroughly burned and cleaned out and then purified, each man's praise will come from God and his spirit will BE SAVED(See I Corinthians 3:11-15, 4:5). Why then are we a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD(kings and priests)to our God if people are going to burn in hell forever? Do we think we're just going to some paradise heaven to enjoy the sunset only? We are the priests who are responsible under our Savior to win the whole world and even those who will be cast into the SPIRITUAL lake of fire to be purified by the CONSUMING FIRE which and who is GOD!!! Then we will understand Revelation 22:2,3. In this NEW JERUSALEM, there is the tree of life bearing leaves for THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS!! Yes, this is the place many of you call "heaven". Healing from what? Well, going through the lake of fire will have probably left INTERNAL BRUISES. Notice in the same passage that thereafter is no more CURSE, and looking at v.15 of Rev.22, those who are just outside the gates who are not entirely purified will stay out there until they are totally cleansed. Now what was so hard about this spiritual teaching? Don't just take my word for it, study the scriptures. L. Ray Smith is going into some of the deep, deep things of God to which the Spirit is leading him into. This is what the Spirit does in those who are chosen to not only understand small portions of the DEEP TRUTHS of God, but to help those of us who are struggling as well. Thank you, Lord, for Ray Smith. In the name sake of our Lord, we need to take caution of how we treat this chosen vessel. Christ did say to his chosen that "they will put you out of the synagogues(churches)and the time is coming that whosoever kills you will think he is doing God service, and these things they will do to you BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN ME NOR MY FATHER". Take heed, those of you who have kicked Ray out of your "churches" because he does not believe in your unscriptural "trinity" nor your unscriptural "new covenant tithing". You are being noted by Christ himself....And for the one who said that Ray is not behaving like a Christian, are you any better than he is by ridiculing him like that? So, if one can't be sarcastic to get the point across, what do you say of Christ's sarcasm of the Pharisees throughout the gospels? NONE of you all have been able to prove this man to be false, WHY? Because where the truth shines, the darkness can never prevail against its light. Let the truth set you free. Jesus is the LIGHT and He is the TRUTH! Man-made doctrines and different church denominations will not save us. I want to give us all something to think about....A false prophet will lie to attract many people and a true prophet will tell the truth and lose many people. A false prophet deceives many people in these last days to blind them to the real truths of God and a true prophet tells the truth to ALLOW MANY TO SEE the real truths of God. A false prophet is concerned with winning people for himself and the business opportunity of a multi-membership and this is evidenced by ones who say that God blessed them with mansions, expensive cars when really it was because they conned poor people into giving them 10%tithes. A true prophet is concerned with winning people for God at the expense of losing friends, family and even "church" members to tell the truth with no room for compromise, and they do not sell the Word of God nor the truth for money nor even the Holy Spirit for money like Simon the sorcerer tried to do in Acts8:14-23. Come on, friends. Let us pray and stop idling our time in the enemy's business of unfruitful gossip. WE ARE KINGS AND PRIESTS, NOT GOSSIPS AND BUSYBODIES. Ray is not the only one left. There are still thousands upon thousands who have not bowed down to the paganistic traditions of church denominations like the Egyptian, Babylonian "trinity", "christmas", and "easter". Ray, keep fighting the good fight of faith.


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Re: A Blog confessional
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2009, 08:03:12 PM »

Wow, that was intense! I loved it!  8)  :D
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