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Author Topic: What Happens?  (Read 4707 times)

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What Happens?
« on: June 17, 2006, 07:50:31 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith,
       I wonder if you may have any insight on what may happen to me when I die. I am twenty years old, married, I have a full time job, and in my free time I behave as you may expect an ordinary 20 year old to act. I believe I am a good person. I would say I have faith, although I am still confused about many things. I know I do some things that I shouldn't, but does that make me a bad person? So what will happen to me when I die? Through your writings, and after reading your FAQ's, I seem to understand that you are saying there is really no requirement to go to church and that there isn't really a hell (please correct me if I am wrong). So, I've never killed anyone, I don't worship satan, I treat people fairly and with respect, and I don't know exactly what to believe right now. I have found much comfort in your writings, everything I have read so far has seemed to make sense of all the things that so far I have not understood. But I cannot yet declare my exact beliefs and proclaim specific faith. I am still unsure about many things. So what happens if I walk out of my apartment right now and get hit by a truck? And if you don't go to hell at all, or at least for all eternity, or you don't go to heaven immediately, what is it like in between? Nothingness? Is it like going to sleep and you aren't aware of anything until the time comes whatever it is you do next? I hope you can and will help me and others like me. I really enjoy reading your papers and appreciate what you are doing. Take care, I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dear Eldon:
    You will either be resurrected in the former or the latter resurrection. I am not your judge, and therefore, I cannot say which of these two resurrections will find you. For a better understanind as to whether God is only calling you or calling and CHOOSING you, read the rest of our site several times.
    God be with you,
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