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Author Topic: Struggle  (Read 5317 times)

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« on: June 17, 2006, 07:57:20 PM »

for most of my life i have been told this...
and for all my life since i have struggled with it :

man, through Eve's sin is born a sinner in need of salvation he had no choice as to whether he wanted to be born - to participate in this
game he can't say: " i 'm not sure, i pass " - ie abstain from making any decision there is no middle ground...even if he has not not heard the gospel accept that Jesus is the only way of salvation OR he continues his way to hell...hell is condemnation, punishment & torture forever & ever
it is not for correction or reform - just straight is not temporary either, it is forever accept or else !   and we are told that man has a free will...there is no one that seeks God and no man can come to Christ except the father draws him he draws some but not others...even whilst in their mother's womb God loved Jacab but hated Esau...i struggle with Romans chapter 9to date, i can't say i have understood it...

salvation is by grace not by works so that no man may boast yet those elected, drawn by God and who accepts Jesus consequently take pride ( however little or subtle ) that they are different from the damned
they have somehow " decided " for God through their own free will...does their "decision" then become a form of works ?
have they through "their own" decision somehow earned God's good favour now ?
if not why are they feeling so smug ?
anyway, what's important is that they are on the winning side - the rest, well they are not...and where are they headed ? ( i mean the damned )
if i truly believed that they are all headed for an eternal hell
i'd think a whole lifetime's labour, pain & hardship are worth it
if i can help snatch just one single precious soul from the jaws of hell...
yet most christians seem contented to enjoy their comfortable pews and
airconditioned churches their preachers ranting away about the horrors of hell...reminding their flock yet again - how lucky they are...heaven here now, heaven hereafter !   how neat ! while the rest of the world head on towards the precipice there seems no urgency, care or concern about the lost...maybe there is a valid reason for their feeling of ease...
it is afterall, God who elects, it is God who draws...

if God is sovereign, almighty, all knowing and all loving...
and since man - all alike, are born sinners and sinful -
and NONE seeks God so from the human point of view
it is SO attractive to believe that He takes full ultimate responsibilty
and that He saves all...rather than a selected few
and that Christ did die for the sins of this world - for all
so at the end of the day : it wouldn't seem so arbitrary and unfair...
there are scriptures that seem to support this view
there are scriptures that suggest otherwise right now, i am still caught in the maze of the arguments...

is truth so difficult to find ?

Dear Reader:

YES!  Truth is difficult to find and understand. It takes a lifetime
if of overpowering desire to search it out and seek it as a valuable
treasure. Read my post on: "TWELVE POINTS TO UNDERSTAND GOD'S WORD" to more fully understand the fifficulty in finding Truth.

God be with you,

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