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Author Topic: Conversations with God  (Read 2620 times)

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Conversations with God
« on: June 17, 2006, 08:00:54 PM »

Dear Ray,
> Have you ever heard of Neale Walsh or read his series of Books called
> "Conversations with God?" I bought the first book in India from a
> street vendor for $2. It called to me in an odd way, and I bought it
> never having heard of this man or his experiences. Basically the series
> is about a man who being very frustrated with religion and God started
> writing questions down on paper and started getting answers that he was compelled to write down. This started the series.
> You might say the guy is a wacko, but what of the prophets of the past?
> Were they wackos? Why couldn't there be a modern day prophet, and why
> could there not be truths in many paths to God? Although I am a still a
> Christian, and your site has brought to me a heck of a lot more "Sense"
> on the intentions of TRUE Christianity, the answers I have received from
> this series of books so far is astounding.
> Some of the main difference in this interpretation VS Christianity are:
> 1. No Devil. (Although it is possible we have created Satan and his
> demons from our collective consciousness)
> 2. We have complete free will because we are part of God and can make choices that change existence.
> 3. There is no right or wrong, and God does not judge us. Everything
> we experience whether it be "good or bad" which is relative is for our
> own growth. To know what we are not and to learn what we are. (Love
> and Oneness with God)
> 4. God desires or us to make the higher choice, but this is a learning
> process that we all eventually finish.
> 5. God had something to do with all of the great prophets sent to
> Earth. (Like Christ) He defin es them as Masters or Teachers.
> 6. Man has corrupted every message given through his Prophets. That
> includes a good chuck of Scripture. Even the original texts. (And by
> creating religion)
> 7. Many well proven aspects of science align with the truth of God's
> creation.
> To go a little further, I read book one and was quite enlightened by
> what I read. Though some concepts are difficult to understand, my soul
> screamed, "Finally something that makes sense to me. Confirmation that
> what I thought was not totally wrong!" I always believed there is not
> one path to God and that all positive religions brought something good
> to the table including the Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Witches,
> Buddhism, Eastern Philosophies, Ancient Sumerianism.......... I can go
> on and on.
> Anyway, something kept drawing me back to Christianity. (I was on a
> d ark path which I thought was necessary in my spiritual growth, and I
> was drawn back to Christianity by many signs) I think it was my deep
> rooted Catholic upbringing and fear of being "wrong" which contributed
> as well. I recently decided to get back involved with the Catholic
> Church. Even though I do not agree with much of their dogma, there is
> something about the traditions I enjoy. Your site has also opened my
> eyes on things I believed in my heart about the teachings of the Bible
> but due to popular belief never embraced. After I talked to a priest
> about my "spiritual issues," I started reviewing some of the Catholic
> doctrines. I had a real problem with the Mortal/Venial sin concept. If
> Christ truly paid for our sins, why on Earth would we go to a supposed
> "hell" for having one mortal sin on our soul? That is insane! Aren't I
> already saved?
> That same night I starting reading "Conversations with God" Book II.
> Within 1-3 chapters Neale started stating what he believed happened to
> our souls and directly addressed the whole mortal/venial sin thing. God
> responded to him with quite amusement. He basically said it is complete
> BS in so many words. Again I believe this to be a sign, that I am being
> led again to a higher truth.
> Ray, I don't believe in coincidence. I talk to God in many ways
> directly. Through prayer, simple conversation when I am alone, and he
> communicates with me through feelings, thoughts, signs and even words.
> I have had so many signs in my life that have been undeniable. Most
> have saved me from my own destruction. I trust totally in God. I trust
> that he will reveal to me what I need to know when I am ready. I am
> also learning constantly. I don't deny Jesus. I love Jesus. I have
> not chosen to "step awa y" from Christ, but I am getting many soul urges
> to create my own belief structure using bits and pieces of many belief
> systems to form my own. To create WHO I am.
> Anyway, I don't want to ramble on more. I haven't decided exactly what
> I believe about Neale or his books, yet it is as believable as the Bible
> except perhaps the absence of miracles like the ones Jesus performed.
> At least I am reading a book in it's original version. :-)
> Spiritual beliefs DO divide humanity. We are ONE family. Why force
> another belief system on another? Why not just accept them all. Many of
> us are on the same path to discover God. I believe God is love and will
> never judge us for what we have done. But.... God wants us to learn
> through experience and make the higher choice. We as parts of God CHOSE
> to do this. Not judging us does not mean we should go and harm people,
> fo rget laws and do whatever we want. The Wiccans say it very well. "If
> it harms none, do what thou wilt." Isn't that where morality begins?
> Right and Wrong are definitions people decide on, and the majority
> rules. There are many examples of times when certain things are
> acceptable and are now not or the other way around.
> I believe you to be a man of great courage, and I am not hear to try and
> change your beliefs. If you haven't read the books, give them a read
> and comment on your thoughts. I think what you are doing for
> Christianity is great. It is about time we get rid of the fear attached
> to our creator as a mean and jealous God. You are changing the universe
> as you continue on your journey. And yes it is YOU doing it. Your
> choice. Your energy that flows and attracts others. You as a part of
> the Divine Creator God. (Give yourself some credit)
> I send you my deepest blessings, and thank you for listening to a
> different perspective on God.
> Chris

Dear Chris:

Well maybe the Wiccans believe that "IF it feels good; do it," but rest assured that there IS A JUDGMENT upon all human kind (Acts 17:31).  Yes, God is Love, and in love He will severely judge manking for his carnal philosophy:  "There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the ways thereof are the ways of DEATH" (Prov. 14:12).

God be with you,

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