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Author Topic: Did Adam sin like Eve? Did Christ sin like Adam?  (Read 3962 times)

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Did Adam sin like Eve? Did Christ sin like Adam?
« on: January 31, 2010, 01:12:33 PM »

Hello Ray,
In reading  Lake of Fire Part 11  2nd paragraph, I see you pose the question.

"Well, why then didnít Adam exercise restraint?"

I would answer by making a comparison to the second Adam - Christ.

Why ? Because Adam voluntarily chose to sacrifice himself for his body his betrothed bride.

They were betrothed but their marriage had not been consummated!

Christ is now betrothed but His marriage too has not been consummated

Eve being bone of Adam's  bone and flesh of Adam's  flesh.

So I think Adam a type of Christ  exercised a type of the restraint Christ exercised.

Just as Christ did for His Body the Saints.

BTW. Does your writing of man not having choice extend  to Christ?


Dear Vic:  I am not sure how you equate Adam's choice to sin against the commandment
of God as being a form of "restraint?"  His sin was in fact greater than that of his wife Eve,
because Paul tells us that Eve was deceived when she sinned, but Adam was not deceived.
You ask if "not having choice" extends to Christ?  Who ever said that anyone doesn't have
a choice.  We all have choices--millions of them, and certainly Jesus made millions of choices,
which choices always involved the causal factor of being obedien to His Father.  Perhaps
you meant to say "FREE choice," which is FREE will, and no, Jesus possessed no such
power. He plainly stated over and over again that of Himself He could "DO NOTHING."
So no, Adam did not sin exactly as Eve sinned.  How in the world you would suggest that
maybe Christ SINNED like Adam, is beyond me to comprehend. JESUS NEVER SINNED!
God be with you,
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